Coming soon: Lawless Space MUSH

  • LAWLESS SPACE - coming soon to an Internet near you!


    At the edge of the known universe is a frontier territory that no intelligent civilization has yet to claim or even recognize. It is a space for pioneers, explorers, criminals, exiles, and marshals, each looking to carve out a home, glory, riches, or justice.

    LAWLESS SPACE is populated by:

    • Wayward travelers, lost in time through wormholes!
    • Blastersword-wielding scions of star-spanning empires!
    • Hivemind accountants seeking the deadly 'omega audit'!
    • Hyperbike-riding radiation pirates!
    • Otherdimensional open-sourceresses infused with crackling cosmic energy!
    • Enterprising mobsters connected to the Kaiju Kartel!
    • Sentient planetoids going through a teenage goth phase!
    • Heavy metal-blaring slamazons riding overclocked warpboards!
    • Anthropomorphic animal cosmonauts from parallel realities!
    • All manner of other intergalactic denizens!

    LAWLESS SPACE is intended to be a game that allows for all manner of absolutely insane sci-fi and science fantasy character ideas and situations, whether played straight or as absurdity.

    LAWLESS SPACE is meant to be part blank canvas, part ever-clarifying universe crafted by the contributions of players and their amazing, wacky, badass ideas about what might exist beyond the edge of the cosmos. Think space opera + candy-coated ghost peppers + sleep deprivation to a Psy cover of Manowar.

    LAWLESS SPACE makes use of the Fate Core rules to try and allow for character concept flexibility while still offering some sort of narrative-friendly mechanical arbiter (as desired/needed). There might be other systems out there but, whatever, Fate works well to support bizarre high-concept ideas.

    Inspirational media:

    Comics: 2000 A.D. | Captain Victory | Doom Patrol | Flash Gordon | Heavy Metal | The Incal | New Gods | ODY-C | Saga | Southern Cross | Space Riders
    Literature: The works of... Douglas Adams | Edgar Rice Burroughs | Octavia Butler | Samuel Delany | Robert Heinlein | Frank Herbert | Ursula K. LeGuin | H.P. Lovecraft
    Movies: 2001 | Alien(s) | Buckaroo Banzai | Event Horizon | The Fifth Element | Guardians of the Galaxy | Heavy Metal | Star Wars | The Wild Bunch
    Music: Afrika Bambaataa | David Bowie | Die Antwoord | Gwar | Hawkwind | John Carpenter | Kool Keith | Lady Gaga | Sun Ra
    Television: Aeon Flux | Buck Rogers | Farscape | Firefly | The Jetsons | Macross | Red Dwarf | Thundarr the Barbarian | Ultraman
    Video Games: Borderlands | Destiny | Dwarf Fortress | Mass Effect | Metroid | Starcraft

  • @fatefan

    I don't know about Fate Core but... all I'm picturing here is OUTLAW STAAAAAAAR! And that makes me giddy.

  • Pitcrew

    This looks very interesting to me. I even have a concept percolating in my head definitely let us know when it is up and running.

  • The very first thing I thought of while reading this was a guy in a bathrobe, carrying a towel.

  • Pitcrew

    Sweet, I may aim to misbehave.

  • Pitcrew

    @BetterJudgment said in Coming soon: Lawless Space MUSH:

    The very first thing I thought of while reading this was a guy in a bathrobe, carrying a towel.

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  • I can't upvote this game idea hard enough.


  • I am very curious how long such a thing can last.

    May all the good things come your way.

  • @fatefan ...... I'm not too proud to admit that I just came.

    Edit: ...because I read this.

  • If you use a compulsory cargo running system, you will be lynched.

  • Estimated time until open?

  • @Tinuviel I dunno if I agree with that. Coded things like tha can be good for down times on games. Well, I would be more for it if it was an optional angle.

  • @icanbeyourmuse I'm referring, rather obliquely, to the cargo system that was a main feature on SerenityMUSH. (Boo, hiss, etcetera) that, while ostensibly optional, was pretty much required if you ever wanted to keep your ship running.

  • @Tinuviel SerenityMush cargo system was ass. For a rp genre whose main focus was ship based space shenanigans, we spent a lot of time sitting in cockpits, moving cargo, and not rping just to keep the ship going.

    Eventually, on the hush, we just parked the ship, never flew anywhere, and rped as if we were in space a lot.

    EDIT: I'd love a cart system that promoted rp and in game economy, but the end result on that game was a cargo system that became like a second job. Cargo for profit? Good. Cargo as hours of your life necessity to even hope to be a part of on-call economy? Second fucking job.

  • I feel that when done properly, coded systems like space and trading add depth and complexity to a game. Unfortunately, it's very difficult to do right. Make it optional and you may as well remove it altogether as it will have no real impact. Make it mandatory and some players will complain bitterly about having to do it.

    I tend to aim coded systems at PVPers while providing alternatives for RPers. For example, RPers who do not wish to engage in space combat can choose to either use fast travel systems, or mark their vessels as un-attackable. Trading can be ignored completely by RPers with zero consequences, while PVPers can use it to upgrade/repair ships, and etc.

  • Serenity MUSH was also coded so that every single fucking time anyone entered or exited a room, the MUSH emitted three messages.

    Can this game have a deadly space virus that forces people to typo every other word and demand to be repeatedly kidnapped, preferably while having crippling bouts of diarrhea? It could be called Bricenbrooke flu.

  • @BetterJudgment

    You Have Died Of Brycentary.

  • @Thenomain said in Coming soon: Lawless Space MUSH:


    You Have Died Of Brycentary.

    Somebody shave his head, he's got a nasty case of Head Bryce.

  • Metaplot-resistant Staffyocockhead aureus...

    I'm not good at this game.

  • Apply some adjectives and a skill rating and generate profits (the bare amount of but at least you keep flying) and surpluses like a part you may want later, and how those adjectives like Desperate, Reckless, Law Abiding, etc affect all those. So closer to a motivation and situation generator than a cargo system.

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