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    Yo, So was recently asked to ah.. leave Arx. Personality conflicts and the like..

    Anyway, I played Gareth

    Time to go find something else to do I suppose. Hm. First time I've been kicked from an Mush/Mux, especially for something I personally viewed as relatively minor. If you want to talk, PM or keep in touch, I'll be around here, on and off as always.

    I suppose, in summary, So long and thanks for all the fish...

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    @Kireek The burned up inquisitor guy?

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    This post is more for.. people I didn't get to say goodbye to, and perhaps get recommendations from them for other games to play....

    Unfortunately there was apparently (and this is not my opinion), an irreconcilable difference of opinion on the value and importance of mechanics in the game. Nothing quite like being sterotyped as a hardcore crunch guy eh?

    Regardless, I was uh.. told yesterday at 8/30 that I would be given one final chance to continue playing because I got very annoyed at.. let us say- nah fuck it, threw a hissy fit because the individual in question basically made a super twink character in the same family, who is basically james bond... with none of the skills to represent the social/seduction/foppish aspect of said character.

    Even though I proceeded to have normal interactions with the player of that character, helped him get set up, set him on some investigation leads, and helped tutor them on how to roleplay our house correctly..(I was more upset about the fact that the character entered into play with max stats in his assigned role when regular cgen is limited- I did not feel any ill-will to the actual player of the character afterall, its a roster system.).. I got a message back that the person decided that I should instead leave actually.

    Kinda sucks. Especially considering some of the things I've complained about.. people later complained about and I wonder if they got in the same amount of trouble that I did... in those earlier instances. (Task/Support complains, XP changes, etc)

    Regardless, what is most upsetting is all that work I put into putting puzzle pieces together and trying to solve the games plot before the plot even came out... All that work wasted.. bah..

    So depressing. Yet it is their game, and if they feel that they need to stifle such behavior in order to create a more accepting game- even if such behavior in some aspects can actually be productive and find solutions.. I mean.. that is their prerogative, and I don't leave with any real sense of ill will towards the individual inquestion except a sinking feeling.. Very sad.

  • @Kireek

    All of this is very upsetting to me.

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    Hm? Well I am glad I have some sympathy at least, though I must admit I've no idea why, I mean.. I left on pretty amiable terms, no hardcore psychotic meltdowns, no accusations of staff corruption.. no real drama..

  • You're misrepresenting what happened. I won't go into it here out of respect for the staff there and I do understand that it is upsetting to be asked to leave a game, but that is not what happened.

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    I.. am curious to know how I am misrepresenting what happened? I was upfront about claiming to throw a hissy fit? I mean.. is that not what happened? That was the the reason for my removal from the game was it not?

    Is it that I was the only complainer? I mean.. I'm pretty sure that Rohkir complained about the Support system in particular as much as I did. As for the being allowed to stay then asked to leave.. that happened.. uh.. what else..

    Is it the character that was generated itself? That person posted his sheet to the channel (which I didn't ask to see)- and to my knowledge, you cannot buy above rank 3 in cgen.. but this toon started with rank 5 in their skills.. Um.. what else.. could I be misrepresenting? Was it that I asked for his sheet? Because I didn't do that either, he posted it himself because Silas asked him in the GR channel.. and I just responded to that.. quite poorly actually.

    OH YAH I remembered why I got in trouble the first time, this ones kinda fun- I really really tried to sell guests on joining House Grayson- like all the time, hard sell stuff. Apparently uh, for newer players, Hellfrog and Apostate felt that I shouldn't try and.. persuade them so hard because it might put them off the game, or House Grayson. (Fair enough.)

    Second Talking to was complaining about Support System 2.0.. which I wasn't the only person to complain about vocally....

    Third was my replacement fear hissy fit.. I uh.. those were the things I was talked to about..
    Was it that we left on amiable terms? Is that what I'm misrepresenting? I mean.. Apostate offered me the code base they are working on.. I mean is that wrong? I'm honestly confused on how I'm misrepresenting myself, like I am earnestly interested to know this.. becuase I don't want to misrepresent things, becuase I actually like Arx, and if offered to play there again would do so in a heartbeat.

  • Arx is run by people normally used to running a Mud, isn't it?

    @Caryatid said in Arx- Gareth:

    You're misrepresenting what happened.

    This is what we call "a misunderstanding" and is exactly the time to go into what happened. If you're going to flaunt that you know but won't tell even him, that's a bit of a dick move, Cary. On a couple of levels.

  • In my first scene on the game, you urged me to do something that was against the rules. You even said we weren't supposed to so you knew it was wrong but you said I should anyway.

    A couple of weeks later, you did that thing to me and I pointed out it was against the rules. You again said you were aware of it and only apologized later in a manner that seemed aimed more at avoiding repercussions than being contrite.

    You paged me often to complain about staff "nerfs" of a system you had been milking to stockpile advantages for yourself in an alpha setting, or to complain about other players, or to badger me for OOC information about IC scenes I was in that you weren't.

    You had a melt down at a player who had been on the game for hours, who had not even made the sheet you were furious about. You ranted on the channel long enough to scroll the screen several times and yes, you did not ask him to share his stats. But when he said he was trying to figure out his sheet, you immediately invited him to share by saying you were curious. I have the log, do not blame Silas.

    You are a competitive player. You were clearly using alpha to gain every advantage for yourself. Staff decided that OOC approach was not a fit for the atmosphere they want to promote on their game and I respect them for holding firm to that line.

  • @Thenomain Fair enough. I won't speak for staff but I've described my experiences with this player. They were not comfortable.

  • You can go above 3 in chargen. Got a character in chargen reserve that has a 4.

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    Wow, I am quite sad that you feel that I have behaved so poorly, especially considering I tried to work with you both icly and oocly to further our faction to the best of our abilities. This is doubly painful to hear sense you harbored such feelings and we were supposedly on the same team..
    Sorry that you did not accept my apology for such behavior. I as only apologizing for making you feel put upon and uncomfortable.. and not actually for the behavior itself. Wow, I had no idea you felt that way.. if only you had given me some indication of that.. sometime.. hmm..

    @Crysta Ah! Did not know that! Well, neat!

  • That's the problem. You don't seem to feel the behavior was problematic. It was. The OOC negativity and trying to skirt the very edge of the rules, after staff spoke with you multiple times, by your own admission, is a problem. I also tried to work with you, and to do that I tried to maintain a positive attitude and focus on positive and productive things when speaking with you. It did not help. Your goals and focus there contradicted what staff wanted on their game. It sounds like staff tried to guide you to what they wanted. If it was a mismatch, it was a mismatch. But I feel your representation here both minimizes your own behavior and paints staff in a light they don't deserve.

    That's just my take on it.

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    @Caryatid Have I not admitted to problematic behavior above? I just also pointed out that for some of it was not exclusively me. If you are speaking about our specific incidents.. you say you tried to be charming and helpful but I have to ask now.. if you felt uncomfortable why didn't you just tell me? If you are talking about our first scene- where I assumed (perhaps rightfully?) That you are and were a new player... and was explaining the mechanics of the game to you.. while also asking/referring to support.. Or perhaps you are talking about an alt you don't have listed on your played by list? Or perhaps you are referring to something else? I am very much curious about this.

    Thing is, they never actually spoke with me about the rules, only my 'negativity'.. which given that the first discussion was about me looking for more Graysons... I am uncertain what you mean by direction however? Is it that I am using the mechanics provided for me? Things we are encouraged to use to get.. money, npcs and social benefits? Perhaps you were not there for the first nerf of resources.. I had managed to complete 2 level 75 tasks, which netted me nearly 700 in social resources by myself on top of my original 200 or so. The nerf killed basically 800 resources, with all that bonus/extras I used to earn it not being returned. It disproportionate affected my character more than others, and rather than complain publicly, which I knew I would get in trouble for.. I talked to you, who I thought was my friend..

    Apparently it made you uncomfortable.. yet you never revealed to me you were playing an alt that I had already interacted with and got off to a bad start with because of an awkward page I sent you. A page that was intentioned to be a friendly reminder to put up support for a scene that we actually had btw. The end result being the intention that you were meant to send me support. Something I was trying to remind you oocly you could do, or not seeing as it was the last day to do it for that week.(At least if my assumptions now are correct) If I had known that you were the same player of that character and Dawn I would have at least been a bit more careful because I learned from that awkward exchange that you were perhaps more sensitive then others.. but you didn't tell me that.. and so I just blundered around.. and I worry that perhaps.. that such lack of information and communications let some feelings fester perhaps a bit too long that may have.. hmm.

    This at the very least explains why their decision changed overnight now.. huh!
    and ontop of that.. I'm now very worried about House Grayson.. if.. you cant communicate honestly oocly with people who are supposed to be your friends and allies.. I.. this is very worrisome.

    Maybe the reason you were uncomfortable is you didn't say anything about it.. ever.. period.. and allowed me to continue interacting with you and staff never specified for me to not talk with you.. and THEN you apped in as the character who I have to interact with basically constantly.. and then still didn't tell me that I made you uncomfortable..

    I mean for god sakes, you were one of two people I actually contacted before I left the game to say I got banned and wanted to talk to here actually becuase I saw your post. Thats how poorly you were signaling your discomfort.

  • Asperger's is one HELL of a drug.

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    @WTFE Thanks for making it so I don't double post! Didn't want to commit a Faux-Pas. We'll be besties forever now.

    When it comes to Dawn's Alt, I did in fact take the hint after I tried to engage them in roleplay again.. and did not contact that character again.. and gave the character a wide berth.. yet they apped in as Dawn.. and then failed to inform me that they were the same character- which means I continued with my normal behaviors that I had with most people.. that many seemed to have little issue with, Silas, Isolde, Esera, Arianwen, larissa, Rohkir, Talen, Kima, Audric, etc.

    But yes, you are right I did miss something.... though this only really can come into perspective once you realize someone you had a previous issue with is playing basically your faction head and doesn't inform you of it.

    When I was arguing with Apostate he described me as competitive, yet he always expressed this in terms of systems, and numbers. I thought I was arguing about the fact that they thought I was someone who was into twinking, someone who was hardcore into numbers and eeking out every little performance boost. It constantly weird-ed me out that Apostate always didn't seem to get that I much rather prefer plots, and running plots.. and investigation.. After all, I was happy with a very poorly optimized character, and didn't rely on dice at all to get most of my roleplay done.

    Yet Your posting has illuminated me to something, Pof Dawn, That isn't what we were arguing out at all.. it was that I was too into advancing my factions interests too much apparently. That the fact that I was willing to talk oocly about plans to talk with people, talk shop about ways to approach people, get their help, either politically or investigations that made you uncomfortable... and then it all made sense...

    and now I can't help but go wait what? Apostate designed a game based on factions, some diametrically opposed, put in place a system of politics, spying and pawns with real risks and tangible rewards and... then.. doesn't want me to advance my factions interests? Nor do they want their players to talk with my fellow clan members about the best way to do that, or teach them HOW to do that?

    Wha.. wh-why you do this thing?

    On a related note:I also love that plug for Ooc information from IC scenes- the most recent conversation was something to this effect- Me: Up for a scene?
    Dawn:No I have a meeting with all the highlords?
    Me Oh really cool what about?
    time passes
    Me: How did the scene go?!
    Dawn: Oh nothing happened because x didn't show up.
    Me:Oh so Y was there then (A highlord)?..
    tons of information there.. me asking about what sounds like a very cool and interesting scene, that you offered up freely about occurring.. What did you exactly expect to happen? For me to just not say anything? or perhaps.. maybe show some interest and concern for your roleplay because we are ostensibly on the same side and what I thought was friends. If you didn't want me to know you could of just.. said nothing, you could of said I have a scene planned and leave it at that, but no you freely offered that information.. and now are trying to claim I tried to pull it out of you.. unwillingly.. information you provided hooks for me to ask about freely?

  • @Caryatid said in Arx- Gareth:

    In my first scene on the game, you urged me to do something that was against the rules. You even said we weren't supposed to so you knew it was wrong but you said I should anyway.

    Which rule was it? It's for science

  • Holy fucking ellipses, Batman.

  • @Kireek I didn't know you, hardly spoke to you OOCly, but I will say that I did get a great kick out of our scenes together. I've always enjoyed antagonistic relationships, and our characters sure had that. I was kind of looking forward to seeing how it would play out once the game left the sandboxy Alpha stage.

  • @Crysta The "do not OOCly pester other players for +support" rule that goes out with every support request mail.

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