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    Dystopia takes place in the year 2085, a world in which the conspiracy theories of the 20th and early 21st centuries proved to be all to real, inspired by sources such as Deus Ex, Blade Runner, the works of Gibson and Neal Stephenson. From the ashes of the collapse of the West a New World Order has arisen, displacing the bankrupt and corrupt nation states that ruled the world for centuries - now megacorporations under the leadership of the World Trade Organization are the great powers of the world. It's a world of conspiracies, secret societies, business, greed, politics, power, freedom, crime, dark suited agents, technology and humanity.

    It's a fairly generic cyberpunk genre that we're going for - probably the closest setting to it would be Deus Ex, with an emphasis on conspiracies, secret societies, Bavarian Illuminati and all the rest. As for the system, well, it's a heavily coded game with a custom system - if anybody remembers Drums in the Dark from long long ago, it's actually the same code, with some stuff thrown on top. To run down the main features...

    • Lots of code - combat, crafting, augmented reality Matrix, corporations, all sorts. And more to come, this is very much a work in progress
    • Chargen is roster based. There's no application per se, log on, have a chat, get the password. Hopefully there is enough breadth to have wide appeal.
    • Characters run the gamut, there are corpers, cops, journalists, gangbangers, etcetera.
    • The theme is fairly low key. No miniguns.. at least not yet. More Neuromancer than Shadowrun, though there's plenty of cybernetics and stuff to get. Technology is pretty standard cyberpunky stuff.
    • XP is essentially age based, characters get a certain amount of points based on age. As time goes by, they get more points. There's XP for RP on top of that with a pretty standard +nom aka vote system, but the majority of XP will probably accrue by the passage of time. This happens even if they are on the roster, so nobody will rot.
    • Skills are trained as you use them. You are what you repeatedly do, as Aristotle said.
    • I've been sitting on this game for freakin years. It's still not as finished as I'd like it to be, but it probably never will be so what the hell, we're going in. This is essentially a beta opening. Though as it has a lot of old Drums in the Dark code, a fair bit of the code at least is actually already fairly robust and tested in the wild which makes me feel a bit more confident.

    Do check it out, at kuramori.mechanipus.net port 2500.

  • I typically love the games that you're associated with, and goddamn I love cyberpunk so much. I really wish I had more time to do things than just staff, because this sounds amazing.

  • Pitcrew

    The roster is pretty diverse. The rundown is:


    Sky Reapers - The more benevolent, commune style gang that owns the farms/food sector of the city.

    Deep Sixers - Think Project Mayhem, from Fight Club. Now make it a gang.

    Blood Brothers - Basically communist guerillas, Yucatan War survivors, most likely.


    Lockheed-Aegis: Your good ole defense corporation; a lot of characters belong to it and it's a major player in the Dystopian New York City.

    Sinochem - Chinese chemicals company.

    A few others to come!

    Hermes Comm: the reporter corp.


    ZPG - an infracorp, they have a few officers and a detective. Mostly responsible for watching over Manhattan, since it's teenage wasteland outside of that area.


    Syndicate - only one character left on this one just yet, but they run the drugs in town! A lot of drugs. All the gangers who happen to be boosters are dependent on their neuropozyne to keep the jitters well off their nervous system.

    And three independent characters; they don't belong to any faction.

  • I couldn't resist and jumped in it. There's a lot of code-- a LOT-- think, not quite Firan, but more like then not.

    Yet, its not insane.

    And the staff is very helpful.

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    I think a couple of guests got mostly ignored due to the welcome wagon being snowed.

    Sorry about that.

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    Bike race on Friday to get things going for the leather jacket and neon mohawk crew.

    That's not the only side of the game though, plenty of intrigue and slice of life RP for corporate types - managers, security, engineers, journalists, cops!

  • Oh awesome, I totally want to play a middle manager in Lockheed-Aegis who is in way over their head!

  • Pitcrew

    The corporate characters were harder to write than the cyberpunk staples, but I think they are all fun as well. They tend to have the best secrets. Probably veering a bit more towards sci fi L&L style RP than cyberpunk with the managers though.

    There's a whole bunch of secret societies which will hopefully serve to draw people together from right across the IC social spectrum and give people some common purpose too.

    Even so, when you got inspirations like Dick Jones out of Robocop I think you don't really need cool secrets to have a good character.

  • Dibs on Dunkelzhan.

  • @deadculture -- Are you in on this project, duder?

  • Pitcrew

    @somasatori said in Dystopia MUX:

    @deadculture -- Are you in on this project, duder?

    I have been helping with character generation. It's EUB's baby. All I do is sometimes write stuff!

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    I farm stuff like writing characters out because I'm lazy. Rosters really suck for the staff time required...

    It's basically me, Klindhh and Jealousy running the staff side of things atm. Klindhh I doubt anybody here would know but she ran DITD ages ago so she knows the code which is helpful, she's mostly doing building, Jeal-O I know some people know, she's sorting out clothes and greeting people and making sure the characters are done properly, stuff like that.

  • I wound up caving and grabbed a character. Hopefully things will get less hectic fairly soon so I can do something with him. Corporate reporter!

  • Somebody grab Alex so we can buddy cop flick up in this biz. I'll be the loose cannon, you can be too old for this shit, good times all around.

  • Pitcrew

    Someone took Alex... and I forgot he was minus a character sheet and nobody checked.

    I had to log in as Alex to sort that out. That meant I had to change his password. When Alex tries to log in and doesn't make it, talk to staff to get his password back. :p

    Sorry about that!

  • As a super long time MUSHer, and a 12+ year veteran of Firan, I can honestly say that this is really on point. I love it already and I've barely started. great job. should definitely be checked out.

  • All of the good code qualities, none of the useless things! Any old Firan player should definitely feel right at home here, and the theme is awesome!

  • Pitcrew

    @Grindle Sounds like one of the few who hasn't tripped across one of the myriad bugs I've been squashing this week then, heh.

  • @EUBanana bugs aside! I've ran into a few, but nothing too crazy!

  • Pitcrew

    Aside from a short jaunt I never spent a ton of time on Firan - when I logged in it seemed to indicate I didn't have energy from not eating. Do you need to hit a command to eat every few RL days? What happens if you don't eat? I'm just trying to get a sense of where the boundaries are on the coded stuff. I'm totally into the cyberpunk aspect!

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