Don't Starve together

  • I have Don't Starve Together because a friend of mine is awesome. I am also wildly impulsive and get random ideas in my head. You got Don't Starve Together/want to get it but no one to play with? Hit me up. I am totally plotting to get 6 people together to play (A dream that will remain a dream because most of my Steam friends aren't into that sort of game). Each of us playing a different dude from it. I am happy to add Skype to the mix to make it easier. I like to play the firestarter chick best.

    Yeah, some of you saw this on TR. I am lazy to retype it all out.

  • I played Don't Starve a bit, but I never got the hang of it.

  • Pitcrew

    I totally play this game. :D

  • @Admiral Could play with me and and learn!

    @Biggles Want to exchange Steam IDs and play? @Huzuruth is playing too.

  • For it to be out there my Steam ID is Huzuruth as well.

  • What the heck is mine @Huzuruth ? Since you couldn't find what I thought it was. I know my name is Jay but that is.. not my ID...?

    Edit: Okay! My account name is Jay and my Steam ID is Kaedria

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