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    Welcome to Lewisville, Washington! A fictional city set in Mount St. Helens' shadow and up against the Lewis River. Seat of power of Marya, the Angel who rules over Washington for the Archangel Raphael. In this world angels, vampires, and humans live, work, play, and exist along side each other. Angels are the ultimate upper elite, while vampires may have adoring fan clubs and people flocking to join them in their beautiful eternity. All it takes is an accepted application to the Angels to become one of those gorgeous, favored, blood drinking immortals and of course 100 years of service. Not all vampires want to finish off this hundred years of service-- which is where the Guild comes in, manned by humans and those humans who are Hunterborn with the ability to scent and track vampires. The Guild hunts down vampires to bring them back to the angels or to justice if the vampires have started breaking human laws.

    In Lewisville life is business as usual, except for the vampires who walk the streets and the angels flying the skies. Humans go about their daily lives, sometimes brushing up against the feathered elite or perhaps feeding a vampire. Hunterborn go on their hunts to track down vampires and return them, or stop their killing sprees. In the shadows, however, Marya is fighting a war against people attempting to encroach on her territory. As a young angel who took over territory earlier than she should have she is seen as weak. Her kindness and stubborn will not to be a tyrant or abuse those in her servitude may be seen as a blessing to vampires and humans but to other angels it makes her seem even weaker.

    Will you be an Angel or a Vampire and will you join her ranks in loyalty and help her keep the city? Or will you see her weakness as an opportunity?

    Will you be a Hunterborn dedicated to hunting down vampires because your abilities make normal life difficult?

    Will you be a Gifted human, trying to survive the hardships of your psychic abilities?

    Will you be a human brushing up against things larger than yourself?

    Join us today! 8000 /

    OPEN DATE 8.30.2016

    We are open for apps, people making wikipages, and character ties, etc. Actual on-grid RP and staff plottage will start on August 30th, 2016

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    ::::::::::::::::::. Grand Opening! - Fri Sep 02 20:00 est .::::::::::::::::::
    Grand opening scene of the game! First scheduled +Event!

    ICly it will take place at 'The Roots Charity Gala', held at the Reception Hall in the Angel Tower. For one night anyone who pays the $10 door fee may gain entrance to (highly restricted areas of course) the Angel Tower, and rub elbows with the elite of Lewisville. Marya will be in attendance of course. And there may be some sort of auction, all for charity!

    ...but there are those who don't want this social event to be a grand slam, and interrupts might just become deadly.

    Time: 5pm PT / 8pm ET

    Storyteller: Cobalt
    Genre: All
    :::::::::::::::::::::::::::. 1: Grand Opening! - Fri Sep 02 20:00 est - 0 .::

    Soooonn! Come make characters so you can be a part of the fun and games.

  • I wish I had time to RP. :/ One of these days--

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    So someone popped on asking if Gifted Humans were open for application while I was taking a nap. The answer to that is yes! We even have one approved already!

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    I'm going to be running a spoooooky event tonight!

    One of Marya's spies has mentioned that they have observed something strange going on out at Ape Cave. Strange lights, the smell of blood, and cries echoing through the caves. But they haven't been able to find the cause. It's occurred enough now that people outside of the court have started to take notice, and now people are going to investigate...

    If you're interested in playing and haven't had time to make a character, but wanna come try to place out, feel free to stop by today/tonight. I'm happy to let folks play pre-character to try the game out! We'll just do a quick sketch of what you'd like to play for the night, and then go from there in the future!

    I should be around tonight by like 5pm PT, and onward.

    I'm about to go try and catch up on sleep. x.x

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    I've been reading the series to get a feel for it. I can't decide what I want to play, an angel, or a hunter. I did notice on the wiki there don't seem to be a lot of characters, how busy is it?

  • We have only been open a couple weeks. We have a steady group of about 5 or so. Lots of builds on grid you can own.

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    @Cupcake said in Angel's Legacy MU:

    I've been reading the series to get a feel for it. I can't decide what I want to play, an angel, or a hunter. I did notice on the wiki there don't seem to be a lot of characters, how busy is it?

    As @icanbeyourmuse said, we've only been open for a little while and since we don't have the draw of a YOU CAN PLAY ALL THE SPHERES xWoD game, we're a bit slower. But we're beginning to pick up speed. We've currently got (1-gifted human, 3-angels, and 2-vampires approved. I'm currently helping another vampire through chargen). And as I said tonight I'm gonna run something for folks, and even if you're not approved yet and just wanna come see how the game plays-- you're more than welcome.

    ETA: Re-wiki, the folks we've got approved (aside from Hadrian) seem to come from games where wikis aren't as big things. So I'm constantly going 'make a wiki!' and they're like 'but why?'. XD

    I'm thinking of going through and make wikis for folks so they are at least there.

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    I'm on and about, and around 6pm PT / 9pm ET, I'm going to run the thing.

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