Looking for a ghoul

  • Pitcrew

    I'm looking for an old-school ghoul to play with my Kindred on Kingsmouth -- please contact me if you have any interest and I'll provide further details.

  • Tutorialist

    What do you mean by an old-school ghoul?

  • Pitcrew

    Old school.ghoul means sex slave.

  • Pitcrew

    I was curious what that means too. I mean come on, it might not be a sex ghoul. They might mean like a 1920s char that is totes old school. Or maybe they just want them to behave and do everything the vampire says. EVERYTHING.

    Also, curious for whom the ghoul is for. Who do you play? Really, I'm just curious on that one.

  • Pitcrew

    I believe that the correct term is GMILF. Add in a proclivity for needlepoint and some skills with a shotgun and you have yourself one handy granny.

  • Creator

    It could also mean that someone's looking for a ghoul who has a very specific background. For example: this potential ghoul is a lawyer, and after finding out that his girlfriend is cheating on him in an orgy, he leaves her and purchases a home near the local college that he turns into a frat house. Following that, someone dies at the house under mysterious circumstances and the ghoul and his best friend from high school (who also helps running the frat house) are about to get shut down, but they set up a bunch of games and challenges to keep it open. Unfortunately, it doesn't work and they resort to figuring out if the dean of the college is corrupt, which they do after finding a recording of a bribe. After getting the dean fired, and due to that stroke of good luck, the chapter gets reactivated. Then some more stuff happens and he meets a vampire.

    That could also be an old school ghoul.

  • That is extremely specific. It would be more specific if his best friend was actually his father. Best friend is a Mage who specifies in Time ad goes back to do his fried;s mom because he saw a picture of her at that age and thought she was hot. Mind, I've not studied enough on Mages to know if this is legit.

  • Pitcrew

    @icanbeyourmuse Possible? Maybe. Legit? Definitely.

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