• I didn't see a post about it, but there's a game on Steam called Rimworld. It takes the graphics of Prison Architect and mirrors the gameplay of Dwarf Fortress to make a game wherein you're managing an off-world colony that's basically set up to fail in hilarious ways. You can also play as a tribe.

    Here's how my most recent playthrough went:

    A great devastation wiped out the tribe. The five surviving members of the tribe set out led by Crow, who was raised in a cave as a child and went on to become his tribe's most brilliant hacker despite not having the technology level to build computers. Crow and his four companions found a nice spot in a world that was largely deserts. It was the sole tropical forest.

    Crow and his friends get to work! They build up some sleeping quarters, a research area (maybe one day Crow, gifted hacker, will be able to figure out how to make a computer, like the prophecy foretold), and then disaster struck. Raiders from the desert wastelands beyond the new tribe's village had attacked! After beating one of them unconscious and stabbing the other two to death with spears and taking their guns, Bear, the tribe's resident medic, stood by while the rest of the tribe very quickly built a prison. Bear brought the fallen man whose name was Gizzard, to the prison.

    The group decided to try to recruit Gizzard, and meanwhile Crow and two other tribals headed down to start excavating out some of the compacted steel in the hills nearby. However, Crow noticed a wall and it terrified him. It was made out of polished granite. Despite Crow's warnings, Soup, the tribe's primary researcher (who was also a cave child, and a pyromaniac) decided to take down one of the walls.

    Beyond the wall was a series of four pods. Strange things, they said CRYOSLEEP on them. The tribe went to bed that night, but Crow knew taking down that wall was a bad idea.

    The next day, the pods were empty and open. What happened? Well, no bother. The tribe needed to forage, and Bear and a one of the other tribeswomen (Lilac, an art-loving psychopath), went off to hunt.

    Then the sleeping occupants came back with heavy assault rifles and two arctic foxes.

    Sadly, the last of the tribe of Goreflicker was no more.

  • Surviving more than a year is difficult, especially if there just happens to be a little, you know, toxic fallout for two seasons. Everyone died of poisoning and insanity.

  • I think everyone dying of poison and insanity is about the best you can get in any scenario, Rimworld or otherwise.

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