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  • Once upon a time, I liked WoD a lot. The system as all systems do had its quirks and its low points but I really felt like there was a lot of room for creativity and interesting storytelling dynamics even when if the game was sometimes uh, mechanically overburdened.

    And then... I didn't like it so much. It's a combination of things, really. I as a player got older and some of the types of tropes that seem to be more frequent in WoD became less interesting to me. And well, if I'm completely honest, I really started to feel weighed down by the some of the crazytrain that comes rolling through WoD games. I feel like I was way more equipped to deal with it or just ignore it better but at some point, I found that I just couldn't and logging wasn't something I wanted to do any more. It just became a bummer and distracting from any sort of story magic.

    So, I took a break from WoD online and I just realized that it's been years since I wandered off. Recently, offline, I started playing in a friends bi-monthly TT Technocracy game and I'm starting to be reminded about all the things I enjoyed about WoD. And I find myself entertaining maybe putting a tentative toe back into things and seeing what happens.

    But I'm struggling a bit with feeling gun shy about wading back into WoD MU*ing. I have no frame of reference for how most of the games that are up and running at present are doing other than what I read on this board. And most of my online gaming buddies have all bailed out of WoD for the above and other reasons and have no interest in going back so I don't really have immediate party feedback about how things are going.

    I don't want to pre-poison my experience based on the past but I also, I think, want to be more mindful of my experience and how I want to spend my time when I login. I think I'm looking for some helpful tips or insight into how most sorta view WoD game communities as they exist now, if the communities are better, worse, or the same, and how people survive and thrive in those communities?

  • @GangOfDolls
    I think the big thing with most WoD MU*s out there is you have a lot of options. There are some of the old standard 'play everything! KITCHEN SINK!' sandbox type games. And there are some newer games trying out a single-venue approach. My advice would be poke around a wiki, connect to the game and talk. I know the people at Modern Nights were super-friendly when I was discussing an Assamite Sorcerer I'm thinking about apping, and the people at City of Hope were super friendly to me as a guest. I think you also should look at what you want and see what game offers that option, not just as playable options but as far as storytelling, player storytelling, and such things like that.

  • @Bobotron said in +Ye Olde WoD Psych Up:

    I know the people at Modern Nights were super-friendly when I was discussing an Assamite Sorcerer I'm thinking about apping [...]

    They were super nice about my Ravnos Antitribu pack priest. Staff's been nothing but cool with me there.

  • I am in the same boat as the OP, left the genre about a decade ago due to angst and woe, and never really looked back until recently when daytime work boredom makes me want to find a place to contribute to again on a casual player level. Now, however, the whole slew of options is compounded by there being ten different 'versions' of WoD to know and understand, with Old and New being entirely different.

    Plus, I'm not a min-maxer, so conversations about such immediately shut my brain off, or turn it to a station of nothing but white noise, and I tune out.

  • Modern Nights is good folk.

  • Pitcrew

    I will join in the recommendation of Modern Nights, while I do not play there, I do know some of the staff from other places and give the people involved a thumbs up, if you like vampire definitely check it out.

  • Thanks for recommendations so far!

    As a point of clarification:

    I was super tired when I wrote this and didn't quite parse that putting Olde in front of WoD would declare that I'm only interested in OWoD games. I'm in interested in both! Actually, I quite like MtA (haven't looked at what's going on with the 2nd ed changes) but am wary of Mage game OOC interpersonal dynamics.

    So either Old or New WoD, I'm interested in both.

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