BITN: The Epilogue

  • As some of you have read, Bump In The Night MUX is closing on August 1st (tomorrow, that is). In the last few days, we (Infestissumam and Amoracchius) plotted up some events and rolled them out, to offer a send off to the game, and attempt to tie up some loose ends, to end stories, to move to the next chapter, etc.

    As very few people actually got to see that ending, and those that did have a general desire to have just a little more time to see their story to a close, I've created a play-by-post game for the BITN Epilogue. My intention is to present some details as to what happened, and what the hunters of Southern Maryland would know, and then give players a chance to share how their characters would deal with it all. It will also be a fun place to share the details of your character that you were excited about, but that never quite came up in game. Oh, and, also, I guess you could use this as a means to not lose contact with the people from BITN that you'll miss.

    All that said, it's here:

    Right now, I'm still typing stuff up, but the last two event logs are posted. More is coming shortly! Feel free to make an account, make a character, and joint he game. I'll be checking every so often to approve new characters to the game.

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