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  • Pitcrew

    A Mage Game First and Foremost

    Allow yourself to see the World of Darkness through the eyes of the Awakened. While many monsters dwell in darkness, a mage is forever haunted by the awareness that everyone is living the Lie and that she can either fight it, or use that power to her own benefit.

    This is a game of wondrous journeys to other planes of existence hiding inside Central Park’s Bethesda Fountain, escaping a pack of werewolves through magical passages in New York's subways, finding hidden symbols and keys written in the clouds as one visits the Empire State building, magic dueling Seers of the Throne on Liberty Island and fighting unreality horrors from the Abyss feeding off New Age yoga cults in Harlem. There are areas of the city where magic cannot be, and some where one is met only with giant, impossible clockwork upon turning a wrong alley. It is dangerous and dark, exciting and epic, mysterious and secretive. It can be horrific, and it can be fantastic.

    Setting: The Lost City of New York

    Four years ago the Consilium of Manhattan was betrayed and destroyed by the Seers of the Throne after a lasting alliance to handle an event of apocalyptic proportions. Now the Pentacle is ready to take the island back, and new Wise are flocking into the island to help the survivors of the Great Betrayal.

    Fallen World MUX is set in a custom modern Mahattan. Some stuff isn't as you remember it. Too Mysterious and treasure-ridden to be left alone, the borough of New York once-hailed as a haven of Truth is known by the Wise as an almost ungovernable warzone. Buildings shift from place to place at certain dates while Sleepers remain none the wiser.

    The Tremere have the Soulstones and the immense Demesne of the dead Consilium and hope to summon the Seventh Watchtower to the Fallen World. Seers of the Throne keep a watchful eye while fighting amongst themselves. The Austere turn their gaze to an unknowable Machine God for guidance in the waiting for the Hieromagus and Hallows ping in an out of existence faster than mages can grab a hold of them. It is a city of abandoned Sanctums guarded by maddened constructs, of corners that take a mage to other cities, sometimes somewhere else in time, where every Mystery might be your last.

    Factions, Reputations and Status

    The Factions in Fallen World have two layers: Status and Positions. Status is the measure of a character's respect in a Faction and the resources the organization spends on her. Status is gained by increasing your Reputation points through scenes that follow the Reputation Guidelines of a certain Faction, and it is lost as Reputation decays overtime. Each level of Status confers special benefits unique to a certain Faction. Positions are official ranks within a Faction. Although separate, both things intermingle constantly.

    Dynasties and Player Agency

    Some Dynasties still survive in Manhattan, despite troubling times. Broken and scattered, or hidden in plain sight, these families are still in touch with the Supernal, but they need leadership. Players of these families, and especially their leaders, are more than welcome to decide their fates, join with Orders, change how to earn Reputation in them or maybe even remain neutral, awaiting for better offers from players yet to reveal themselves.

    In the same way, players are expected to slowly build a Consilium up, form their Charter, and as they do, more features will open for players in the game.

    A Game For Storytellers

    More than anything, Fallen World is a storytelling game. We offer many mechanics and benefits for storytellers. Almost any RP is fine by us, but players getting involved with Mysteries and intrigue can expect unique Story Rewards for joining. Furthermore, we desire to build an environment where players can work with each other, so hostility between players/characters is closely monitored by staff. This is not a PvP game.

    State of the Game

    The game is OPEN for people to come in app, but we are not 100% finished (a BETA, if you will).

    We need builds, and we are finishing the Proximi and Sleepwalkers. Legacies will wait until the developers deliver the first batch of them in the forums. We are also looking for storytelling staff, and if we can manage, we would love to have one storyteller per Order to give the people in them a very focused, and constant, narrative.

    Wiki: http://fallenworldmux.com/wiki/Main_Page
    Address: fallenworldmux.com
    Port: 1984

    Feel free to ask questions, give input and help us build a better game! =)

  • The cg/check command for Mage is now complete, and I'm tentatively giving it the sign-off that it's also bug-free. It will probably make its way to some other game(s), so enjoy the 4,000+ characters of code needed to make it function this well.

  • @Thenomain Each character of code is loved and appreciated.

  • Pitcrew

    @Thenomain The hero we need!

  • @SunnyJ said in Welcome to Fallen World MUX!:

    @Thenomain The hero we need!

    Just not the hero you deserve.

  • Seriously, Elphaba is poopy.

    By that, I mean she deliberately exploited a glaring weakness in my PC and has now made it a central point of IC irritation for her.

    These are good things, and should be celebrated. Having nowhere else to both recommend and applaud, I do so here.

  • Just an FYI... I've shut down FW to do some backups and other maintenance stuff. Anyone is trying to connect, they won't be able to. Should be done in a few minutes.

  • It's been 5 minutes!!!!!

  • @skew said in Welcome to Fallen World MUX!:

    Just an FYI... I've shut down FW to do some backups and other maintenance stuff. Anyone is trying to connect, they won't be able to. Should be done in a few minutes.

    And we're back.

    sigh of relief

  • Pitcrew

    Guest logins are disabled as of now. Is this intentional?

  • @Zyrus They have always been. It's intentional.

  • Why are guests disabled? It is how I decide if I wanna join a game.

  • If guest logins are disabled, people can probably just create a general login with a name of their choosing and change it later if they need to. If a character goes unfinished, it can just be nuked (or sit there, if staff doesn't clean that up).

  • Pitcrew

    Yeah, it's relatively minor, but my concern at that point is taking up names for others when you have no intention of going back.

  • @icanbeyourmuse After a careful assessment of the current MU culture we decided in a very well thought out move that we'd prefer not to use guests, instead preferring people to log in as characters, so that they might interact with us as equals! (aka I don't know how to turn guests on, and forgot about it until now.)

  • @skew

    ... Goddammit, do I have to do everything around here?

  • @Wolfs "Guest Juan"?

  • Guest Tiw!

  • Pitcrew

    Guestave? Gueston?

  • Seems we all guest wrong about the reason behind this one.

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