Half Moon Bay Weyr Searches @ PW!

  • There was as much mess in the weyr bowl as the feeding grounds when Feyruth finally took to the skies and it seemed as though everyone spent the flight either yelling at their dragons or looking for buckets. With only a handful or two of injuries and a blue leaking ichor all over, Feyruth was finally caught by none other than bronze Emeliuth, C'vryn's own. Most consider it a very successful flight, for Feyruth. At least Half Moon is safe again for the time being.

    What does this mean? Pernworld's Half Moon Bay Weyr is about to head into the next search cycle! OOC search opens on July 16th. We have lots planned and look forward to meeting as many interested parties as possible. If interested, type 'search me' with a possible candidate any time on or after July 16th. Check us out at: paper.mudmagic.com Port: 2211 and http://halfmoonbay.wikidot.com/. For more information see also +area hmw, +hmwhelp and feel free to drop in (+go hmw) anytime! Hope to see you there!

    We are accepting applications for all colors!

    We also have a number of vacancies in a whole variety of positions - and we're looking for people who are not just able, but also WILLING (and reasonably active), to fill those roles. The roles in question?

    • Headwoman (and/or assistants)
    • Wingleader (for both Archipelago and Seamount; preferably HMW riders, but we'll consider transfers as well!)
    • Wingseconds (for the aforementioned wings, with the aforementioned notes)
    • Crafters (because making things is awesome!)
    • Residents (because they're the backbone of this operation)
    • And pretty much anything else you can think of, honestly!

    Interested? Just drop an @mail to the admins at Half Moon Bay Weyr (hmw .who/admins) and we'll get you situated!

    Thank you!

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