Wildcard MUX (Anitaverse inspired FAE game / revamp)

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    Hallo folks!

    Are you looking for something non-WoD but still urban fantasy? Or are you looking to try a slightly less crunchy system? Looking for an Anitaverse game? @Chime has given me her blessings to revamp the 'Wildcard' game. There is much revamping happening. I'm still putting some nuts into place but folks are welcome to come around and start making characters (and even start RPing). Things are incredibly bare bones.

    But joining now does have the benefit of being able to work with me on some of the backstory of the game, and establishing your PCs early.

    Wildcard will be using FAE (Fate Accelerated Edition) -- if you don't know it, please don't be intimidated -- I don't know it very well myself but @JinShei has helped me grately and we'll learn together.

    Now! About the game!

    Late in December of 2014 there was An Incident between two young preternaturals. A werewolf and a vampire. Things quickly spiraled out of control and now the city of Taminkal is a warfront for the preternaturals. The vampires and the werewolves are out for blood and have dragged everyone else into it. Raids are being planned on both sides and the fights are getting worse and worse--

    Are your leaders dragging you into a fight you don't want to be in? Do you hate vampires and want to kill them all? Are you a wererat who thinks you can use the chaos to further the rodere? Are you a witch that is uncomfortable with having been pulled in by the vargamor of the local pack?

    Do you just not want to be involved? There is one neutral zone within the city. Wildcard Casino & Resort, run by an old witch with wards against magic. Any are welcome to stay, violence is not tolerated.

    Mortals are food, but will they be willing to stay that way? What will happen with tourists come to town and get caught up in the warfare? Rumors are that RPIT is requisitioning a lot of silver weaponry. What will happen in the city when things boil over?

    Taminkal is a (fictional) Western Washington city on the coast. The Casino is the main attraction for the city. The city is roughly a little under the size of Seattle with give or take some population density and square miles. It features a harbor with commercial shipping and fishing, it isn't far from the Olympic National Park and the Hoh Rainforest, and sits right up against 101.

    Come check us out! (I'll be online for quite some time today to answer questions, and do some work on the grid.)

    Wiki: wildcard.mechanipus.com
    Game: wildcard.mechanipus.com 2883

    Important Wikipages:

    Note A note on old pcs from the game-- you are welcome to remake old pcs from the game, on the wiki they are all now 'oldchars:<name>'. Also people are allowed to remake characters from any previous AB game as they desire, but they must fit into our chargen and FAE system.

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    Oh. A note on old WC PCs.

    Your old logins to the game have not been changed. They will still be around for at least the next 2-3 weeks. Any old logins not claimed after that will then be moved to <name>_###.

  • o.o So, no Nightvale then? Or are you working on several different games at once. I'm confused.

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    @Sanguine No Nightvale for now. Though I might potentially do an invite only nightvale-mortal thing off of the darkwater sandbox. But unlikely at this time.

  • @Cobaltasaurus My hopes and dreams, why must you take such joy in squashing them?

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    I'm the original flake.

  • I have come to accept this and find it now a rather charming aspect of your personality. Like a kitten with too many toys.

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    On a more personal note. I'm thinking that I'll make a mortal RPIT/Federal Marshall character for non-PC monster hunting. I has found a picture that's amazing for it. Anyone wanna be my partner?

  • @Cobaltasaurus Get back thou foul temptress. Share the pic. There is talk of a GMC game (not the one we've been toying with) that we're considering rolling vamps for upon opening. I dunno that I could pull off multiple PCs anymore. But... your idea sounds like great fun.

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