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    Hi there.

    It's been a while since I really dipped my toes in this community, but I figure it's the best place to find an RP MU that's current active. While I've been looking around for different options, most of the ones I found that I liked appear a little uh... six feet under and buried.

    I'm interested in the following:

    -A gothic-Victorian themed game, preferably supernatural oriented. I'm not very simulationist.
    -A fantasy game with playable dragons (because I'm a total dork).

    Other than that I'm interested in urban fantasy, but those are kind of a dime a dozen in the MU community, and I'd like to look into something else.


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    I'd love either of those two...
    @Kindelwyrm Now you're making me ponder a forum game that's mash up of those two ideas. Because forums are 'easier' to produce and keep going.. in some senses of the world.

    Gothic Victorian, Dragon riders/ Dragon people.
    Or Gothic Victorian Supernatural is exposed world. The Queen is a Dragonkin, the King is a Vampire,(ect.?)

  • Gothic Victorian Urban Fantasy ... slightly steampunk/shadowrun.

    The queen is a puppet of the shadow dragon, the king is a pawn of the lich king. The typical fantasy (or atypical, take your pick) races have their own kingdoms, they are on the verge of war (1890s Europe pre-WW I). The flow of information through some Moroccon like independent city is as free as the whisky, its available for the right price, ask the wrong questions and it'll bite you in the back.

    Ah, but supernatural, the war is really being spurned on by supernatural underworld agents, the demigods want souls, war is profit. Some elder/cthuluan demi/gods are trying to re-enter the world. The turmoil is a cover for an age of apocalypse, to cleanse the world and let the horrors have their time in the sun (or shade).

  • @Lotherio
    I saw a game in the Half-Price Books the other day called Victoriana that is... pretty much this thing.

  • Pitcrew

    @Songtress, @Lotherio

    Hey, if either of you guys made that (probably even a forum RP), I'd probably give it a whirl. I'm digging what you're coming up with, and forums are traditionally less time-consuming than MU's.

  • Pitcrew


    Victoriana is soooo good.

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    @Kindelwyrm Hey if you're interested I have plenty of other ideas.

  • Pitcrew

    I second @Sunny it is an awesome game and I hope you grabbed it, it is well worth the price most likely being asked at a half price bookstore.

  • @ThatGuyThere
    I didn't, sadly. I didn't think I'd ever play it and I ended up passing on it.

  • Pitcrew

    You have more willpower then I.
    Sadly I tend to read far more games then I will ever get the chance to play.

  • The reason I might recommend Victoriana is that the PCs are aberrant, they are against the norm, freaks of society even when they are a part of it. An upper-class elf dares treat a servant as more than a servant? Noblesse Oblige and all that, but that's scandalous.

    The PCs might have no compelling reason to interact, but they already share the same disgraceful mindset and therefore have more reason to interact in a day of British Imperialism.

  • @ThatGuyThere
    I feel that if I buy something and never use it, but have it and someone else who WILL use it won't get it, it'll just be wasted potential. I have picked up random stuff that I've thought was cool or I wanted a physical copy to read, like the five copies of the softcover Book of Nod I've found (finding those for $3-5 a pop? Hell yeah.), the Witchcraft core, the Buffy RPG core, a few random Mage tradition books (though this is in preparation for us to do a Mage LARP after vampire ends), the odd Laws of the <stuff> book (like the Wraith LARP book)... most of what I get I'd want to read or mine for ideas.

    I flipped through it and read a little bit, and I thought it was an interesting setting and setup. It'd be worth looking into for anyone looking to do alt-Victorian.

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    Vicotoriana is ok: my others suggestion for Victorian goodness would be: "A Clockwork Dominion".

  • Had been working on original system/theme Victorian setting. Dropped it when someone else seemed to be going down that road. Decided, 'Fuck it, I'mma do this thing, it'll still be different!' Then crashed on the electric fence of I can't even with this hobby a few days ago with extended twitching.

    This is pretty typical of my creative process. :/ There might be a thing, no projected date, but the best I can say at the moment is that a well-shaken magic 8-ball reads: answer hazy, try again later.

    Realistically, I will likely get back to it once the twitching stops, but that's far from certain.

  • This is going to good realm for a new thread .... creating original theme. Only because there is another topic, what do you look for in a game and there is a mix between liking established published stuff versus original theme. Part of my reply stems from that topic.

    I don't mind checking out Victoriana, it sounds great. But most established settings always miss a little mark for my with interest in Mu* settings. Its usually the theme sounds good, Victorian/Gothic/Steam/Fantasy sounds like a great mix, but its the implementation. Some race isn't done quite right for me, or the politics just don't work in my mind. Or it just feels like some fluff schlepped onto an otherwise good idea, usually rehashed from another idea. Not inspired buy, but really the fluff is skeleton of other idea with hints of a new façade thrown onto it.

    I'd personally be more interested in seeing what @Songtress or @surreality come up with for original theme, or develop my own even. I'd be interested in a joint project even, Redemption Mu* (the fantasy in lost future world Redemption) was developed jointly and a great experiment as far as that went. But I'd be far more interested in playing a mu* developed by someone in the community or by the community than trying Victoriana. Maybe that goes back to the most RPG's are better suitable to TT and not Mu discussion?

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    Well thank you for the vote of confidence, I started working on something, and I've been trying to make it stick if you're interested you can read about my WACKY idea Arkaen.

    Its in the ALL THE IDEAS OMG SO MANY, BUT SOOO GOOD. Stages. Its that right level of : Wacky Mishmash fantasy, and... 'Ptolus':City by the Spire', inspiration that I wanted. ( I actually I admit Ptolus was a skim it- and draw ideas out of it. level concept.).

    I'd appreciate Feed back. As I said am thinking of doing a Forum/PBP game using the this setting, but its one of those things of 'I need to get all the peices, and then present it to people..

    As a note: Edits are turned on and people can suggestion things and ask questions!

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