Durango's Playlist

  • Hi. My username is pretty much all that most people who know me would need, but just in case:

    2k5: Durango, Rider, Telestar, Grim-Repair, Mike Channing, Jazz, Slingshot, Galvatron (temp), Mirage, Blaster, Nosecone, Sideswipe, Gears(??),

    TFL: Greyhound, Motormaster
    TFC: Cloudraker, Broadside
    TFN: Warpath
    Gen1: Jazz
    TFU: Mike Channing


  • @durango
    Hah, surprising to see more 2k5 alums here.
    I was a little pink Deceptitape named Geo there for a long time. Welcome to the forum!

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