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    I'm opening my Big Damn Vampire Game by or before August 6th! We are accepting applications and by God, we have a (work in progress) wiki at

    Connect at port 4000

    DO IT

    Relevant details:

    • Modern-Day Vampire: The Masquerade set in modern day San Francisco.
    • You can play Vampires, Revenants, and Ghouls.
    • We are using Minds Eye Theatre systems such as Status to bring relevance to political and social/mental concepts.
    • Players can accumulate Background Points through our HRed Influence system and give them to whoever they want or claim them for themselves so that characters can can give out tangible rewards and favors that correspond with their RP
    • We are opening up all 3 sects (Anarchs, Sabbat, and Camarilla), all clans, all non-extinct bloodlines, and all blood magic except Dark Thaumaturgy.
    • The leaders of all 3 factions (the Bishop, the Baron, the Prince) are NPCs at first while we get settled, but we expect you to topple these NPCs and take the reins.

    Staff Details:
    Mostly seeking helpers for Malkavians Ventrue and Toreador!

    The way that staff is divided is by clan. Clan staffers are responsible for the needs of the players who play the clan(s) to which they are assigned.

    Also seeking helpers for:

    • Gangrel
    • Brujah
    • Ventrue
    • Malkavian
    • Toreador
    • Tzimisce

    Duties N Such:

    • Approve character generation applications
    • Be a storyteller and tell stories, such as by droppin' in on peeps to scene on them and planning things ahead of time
    • Designate two or three NPCs who are canonical or made up for use in the game's plot
    • Coordinate with the rest of us through a Googledocs repository
    • Frankly, resolve those rare but improtant times when a player is upset.

    Staff Conflict Of Interest Rules:

    • You can play however many characters you want, but you can't play the same clans that you staff.

    The newsfiles and helpfiles are available, most of the code is finished enough to be alpha tested, we have maybe 10 rooms left to desc. The CYOA-style chargen is done enough to play with, although blood magic was just put in yesterday and it may get all weird on you.

    Connect At:
    By URL:
    By IP:

  • @MrMaker Still being poop. Or perhaps its just down when i poked it. IDK.

  • Pitcrew

    It seems to be working for me.

  • @MrMaker The new ports did it for me. 4000 for the win.

  • Pitcrew


    I really don't like Vampire. :( I like you, though.

  • Pitcrew

    Cannot stop drooling.

  • Pitcrew

    I am glad there is excitement :D!

    I am still looking for staff, though, for reals. We can do this whole like, "Three man band tagteamorama" for a bit, and probably longer than usual because I have automated so damn much but, if I could get a staffer for each of the core clans then I'd be such a happy thing.

  • Pitcrew

    Ain't revenants pretty much near mindless, constantly in a blood rage induced hunger, 28 days later like zombie-vampires?

  • @DnvnQuinn I think that's more the 2e version, and really not even then so much. From what I recall of the olden days, revenants were WW trying to do a spin on 'The Crow'. Or something about revenants was, back then.

  • @surreality said in Modern Nights MUX:

    I think that's more the 2e version, and really not even then so much. From what I recall of the olden days, revenants were WW trying to do a spin on 'The Crow'. Or something about revenants was, back then.

    You're thinking of the Risen.

    Revenants were the product of Tzimisce and Tremere tinkering in making ghoul-families.

  • Mmm. Brujah. Path of Entelechy. Sign me up, homes.

  • Pitcrew

    @DnvnQuinn Revenants are basically ghouls who were born that way and don't need to suck off a vampire every month.

  • @Ganymede Oh, Tzimisce, you just keep making me happier all the time. <3

    I just remember those being called ghoul families or something else when they were originally introduced, but I haven't actually looked at oWoD since it's second edition -- I didn't even bother with revised it's been so long.

    ...but I really do miss me some Tzimisce. <pines>

  • @surreality

    Can you make a Tzimisce who is more interested in Szlatchla and making alien flesh-crafting, rather than looking pretty? I would <3 you.

  • @HorrorHound Can, but likely wouldn't.

    The alien beauty thing is a big one for me.

    Bear in mind, by my definition, that's more 'art design from Nightbreed' and uncanny valley like whoa and urban primitives and Lumleyesque people-furniture and sit still my dear, I'm going to make you pretty...

  • @surreality So, Tzimisce. Which is what this world needs, man. Like woah.

  • @HorrorHound I still hiss and bitch constantly they did not make it to nWoD in either version in that aspect, yes. :/ And the conversion that was cooked up just sorta ignored all of that entirely. It gave me a major case of the sad.

    I basically think Wamphyri, and run from there.

    On a freeform 'do what the fuck ever' site, running with a similar concept a handful of years back, the char I was playing removed her and her partner's hearts, shrunk them down to a tiny size, and connected the veins into a continuous loop circulatory system, and wore it as a living, beating necklace. This was her idea of a romantic gesture. That's the kind of territory my brain goes mining for Tzimisce. :D

  • @surreality

    The proper mental place to be. Especially for X20 Tzimisce.

  • @surreality said in Modern Nights MUX:

    I basically think Wamphyri, and run from there.

    The first thing I would do as a Tzimisce is to modify my body into something like the Reapers in Blade II. And then, I would master Koldunic Sorcery.

    So, I would look like this:

    Until you piss me, off, and then it's all: