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    I was perusing over the Advertisement thread and noted that there seemed to be a real lack of games at present (outside of WoD) of much variety. Only one Star Wars game? No strong Star Trek games? Original Fantasy seems to have diminished?

    Is there a reason there's been such a crushing of these genres and an evaporation of them? I remember when I started MU*'ing in the 90's I couldn't throw a rock without hitting a Star Trek game and now there's the festering corpse of ATS around and nothing else?

    Is it the theme? The setting? The canon? I'm just curious why it seems those places just don't seem to exist anymore and if anyone had any ideas regarding it. That same process goes with original fantasy. There was a few months there where a new original fantasy game was popping up and it seems they've really just diminished away? What's the reason this happened?

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    All I can say is: if you want it, build it.

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    @Coin said:

    All I can say is: if you want it, build it.


    I would, maybe, play an original fantasy game. So long as it was Lords n Ladies.

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    As was said elsewhere, there's always willing participants but very few people willing and capable of taking on the work and responsibility involved! :)

    I think what is out there is dependent on who is willing and able to work, and what they are interested in, not a lack of interest in general.

    I am working of a Fading Suns game for someday but it will be awhile. I bet there are other games that are being worked on too! Ask around, if you have the time/inclination you might be able to help!

  • @Coin said:

    All I can say is: if you want it, build it.

    Pretty much this. It sort of touches on something that was mentioned else thread. There are a lot of people who like the idea of theoretically playing something, maybe, if they can be arsed on a given day. The population who will proactively play something and tend to its existence is smaller and games die without a certain number of them. The population who will staff it, ST it, and build it, is microscopic.

    As for fantasy MUSHes, I feel like right now any who start, even with different intentions, will attract the Lords n' Ladies/Game of Boyfriends crowd. It's probably possible to make one that's actively not that, but you really have to fight against it, because those people will find you.

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    MUDstats has some good stats on Star Trek. Yeah, not nearly as many as it used to, but ATS isn't the only one out there:

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    Someone should get a Pirates of Dark Water off the ground.

  • I did see an add up on Gateway (OGR, whatever the fuck it's being called now) for a game called Star Trek: Typhon Accords, though when I logged in, it appears to be Star Trek: Yesterday's Voyages going through a revamp. Anyone know anything about this place?

  • I'm idly working on a fantasy mu* but my staff and I are discussing code systems. Which could mean ages before we open. Mind.. I did scoop Thenomain's 7th Seas system because it looks sexy. Regardless there are still things needing coding so who knows how long it'll be until we officially open because I'm no guru coder like Theno and Cobalt. We're also discussing if we want stats (seems to be one preference), free form (which is my preference) or a something in between (another preference).

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  • In theory, all games that have devolved into Lords and Ladies have included politics and war.

    In practice, it's mainly been betrothals and people making a thousand alts to marry new people.

    Honestly, it's more a problem of player mentality than anything else, from what I've seen, but you can kind of counter that with STs who struggle against it, and the will to do that has in the past been low.

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    GoB is doing rather well in the creepy mysteries/backstabbing and betrayal/making power-grabs/hitting people with swords vs. weddings ratio, but there is, of course, a whole lotta fucking going on.

  • @icanbeyourmuse said:

    I did scoop Thenomain's 7th Seas system because it looks sexy.

    7th Sea is amazing, yo.

    I'm slowly (slooooowly) figuring out some code stuffs, so I can try to get an Iron Kingdoms mush thrown together. It is going poorly, but that's what I get for being a music major. My brain does not math well.

  • @Jennkryst My brain isn't good with the numbers things either. Also.. what is iron kingdoms?

  • Pitcrew


    Music is math! </overgeneralization>

  • @icanbeyourmuse Steampunk-y setting that the miniature wargame(s) Warmachine/Hordes takes place in.

    @coin Music is counting and fractions, with a bit of fluid dynamics and... uh... the pitch/frequency bit of physics. Mushcode is the computer code side of math, and I never did anything more complicated with computers than get around the security at my high school so I could play java games after work was finished. I can't even use excel properly. Just use spreadsheet/database code and hope it works.

  • I'd love to see a fantasy game based on the Black Company series.

  • Black Company series?

  • Muse, do you know what Google is? It's a pretty swank resource. Check it out.

  • That requires not being lazy though. True friends would let me be lazy by not making me Google sagenods

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