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    Some of these games died by 2004, so it was only through a few dusty text files I had found clues of the old games I once enjoyed. The first game I ever saw was when a friend was trying to show me commands on Castle D'Image? It was like 1998. Also, I discovered I have recycled names forever.

    Twilight Reconquista: oWoD Dark Ages
    Helena (Toreador)

    City of Serenity: oWoD Victorian Venice
    Georgiana (Georgiana Weston)
    Vincent (Vincent Giordani)
    Bianca (Bianca Marino)

    Bourbon and Blood: oWoD New Orleans
    Angela (Angela Blake)

    Haven: oWoD
    Xara (Mortal, turned Verbena Mage)
    Lena (Toreador)

    Dark Forces: oWoD Colorado
    Lena (Helena Doyle)

    Haunted Memories:
    Anabel (Anastasia Kotovych)
    Audrey (Audrey Eigner)
    Katerina (Katerina Svoboda)
    Sophia (Sophia Treffen)
    Bianca (Bianca Muller)

    Randal (Randal Rose)

    The Reach:
    Elle (Elle Northington)
    Seph (Persephone Kross)
    Grace (Grace Knox)

    Lena (Helena Weston)
    Lily (Lily Doyle)
    Mikhail (Mikhail Kosovkyi)
    Victoria (Victoria Smith)
    Staffer: Helvetica

    City of Hope:
    Claudia (Claudia Doyle)

    Avengers Assemble:
    Betty (Betty Ross)

    Dark Things: A Secret Circle Mush
    Abigail (Abigail Gray)

    TexMux (The game returned!)
    Grace (transplanted from The Reach)

    Fallcoast: (The only game I am currently active on.)
    Emilia (Emilia Wagner)
    Ivy (Ivy Doyle)
    Claudia (Claudia Zabek, a reboot of Claudia Doyle of CoH)

  • Oh hey someone with a name I recognize. I knew Claudia (a little bit on City of Hope.)

    Played as Misa or Sahael. Not sure which knew her better it's been a while.

  • Heyya. I'm Katharina on Fallcoast. Nice to see you here. :)

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