Doom(2016) Snapmap

  • So the new Doom has this nifty little thing called Snapmap, that allows you to create and then play MP levels that you yourself throw together to create PvP or PvE type matches. Pretty much anything you can think of.

    Problem is, for a game that's pretty much new, I can't find any matches on it. Which is a shame because I really enjoy the new Doom.

    So if anyone has a XB1 handle and wants to play anything like that, let me know. Granted, I figure this is because everyone is off playing Overwatch(and probably because I'm a horrible console peasant), and since I'm not really deathmatch kinda person(I do love co-op PvE stuff)that might be part of the reason there's nobody playing it right now. Still, if anyone is interested, be happy to play with them.

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