Any Streamers Out There?

  • As the title says, I am curious as to if anyone here streams, be it gaming or crafting/doing artsy stuff or whatever, via Twitch, YouTube or some other method I do not know about. I sometimes stream on Twitch although right now I don't really have a set schedule yet due to having my computer in the living room which means I have to wait for the other people here to be occupied so I can have a few hours of uninterrupted stream time.

  • Hey .... I do with an old friend of mine. More YouTube than Twitch. We do bits of content here and there depending on our busy schedules. I do plan on increasing my Twitch streaming in the fall when my schedule is more stable and I'm not flying back and forth across the Atlantic :)

    Youtube Channel:


  • @Apu , I know that @Cobaltasaurus streams, having watched it for a bit.

  • @Ataru

    I'll give you a follow on Twitch and Twitter.


    Oh cool! I'll keep and eye out for her, see if I can catch her. What name does she go by?

    As for myself, here are the links for my own Twitter and Twitch:

  • I've been thinking about streaming, honestly, but I find myself doing the pre-recorded thing more and more:

  • Pitcrew

    I wish I could go back to before I started playing LoL and just stream/do a series of videos of "Coin, the Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Feeder".

    I think people would love to watch me just get toasted again and again to the frustration of random people on the internet that I decide to match up with. and then I could post a TOP 10 WORST DEATHS, or records to "how long it took for him to (unintentionally) feed the other team so much that his own surrenders".

    I mean, I don't play THAT badly anymore--but I did, and people's frustrations were hilarious.

  • @Insomnia also streams. She has an active youtube channel here:

  • Creator

    Well, it'll be more active once I'm off these stupid antibiotics that make me tired just making the bed, and I'm allowed to be out of the bed. Thanks for the shoutout though! (Just a neater but same Youtube link) is my Twitch link and is my twitter link and I sometimes do little polls or announce ninjastreams there.

    I got my Elgato right before I got sick and I am planning on doing all of the Final Fantasy games, in order, except for the online ones. Resident Evil too. I'm also working on a Resident Evil lore because of the RE7 hype and confusing storylines. If it goes well I'll probably be doing more of them.

    @Coin I wouldn't worry too much about playing badly. I'm bad at games. I mean, that's the title of my stream. The only troll comments I get are about low FPS, and some of my higher viewed videos are ones where I have died over, and over, and over again. Maybe because I edited in a death count though.

    If you Reddit, a couple of good sub-reddits for streamers / let's players (watching and linking)

    The channels aren't huge, but I find more interesting stuff there than what Youtube suggests.

    Also! Once you hit 50 subs on Youtube, poke me, and I can hit you up for free games. (Anyone who watches my channel might have noticed the odd one shot game I would normally never play. That's because I'm signed up on a site that gives free keys. It tracks all of the content you put up, so if you tag a game that has given a key, it tracks you. For example I I got Fallout 4 on my own, but since there were keys, it's tracked in my rankings. (It tracks Youtube, Twitch, and Twitter) and so I get offered a lot of Indie games because I'm in the top third (which is weird, considering my channel is so small). Sometimes you even get the devs popping on your youtube / twitch to talk. I actually chat with an Indie Dev and am going to do some voice work in an upcoming game because of it.

    Anyway, you don't actually have to record them, they keys are yours to do with what you want. Of course the more you do, the more you are likely to get more keys.

  • Tutorialist

    @lordbelh said in Any Streamers Out There?:

    @Apu , I know that @Cobaltasaurus streams, having watched it for a bit.


    I fell down the hole back into Darkest Dungeon, so even though I'm on summer vacation I haven't done anything because ... Darkest Dungeon. XD XD I'm nearing week 110 so it isn't really a good place to stream, and I don't want to start over.

    But @Insomnia's post above is great. She has a lot of great advice since she's got experience with this. :D

  • I religiously watch two streamers: Cry ("ChaoticMonki") and Dodger, because they are entertained by and interested in what they're playing, try to bring people into it, and their voices don't make me want to shove ice-picks in my ear. I've been watching a lot of Two Girls One Quick-Look for things I never thought to look into (trigger warning: they are vocally pro-LGBT) and MangaMinx for the same (tho see above re: want to stick icepicks in my ears).

    One guy I work with when he's bored watches the kind of monotone Twitch stream of game after game of Hearthstone that I dislike but is incredibly popular.

    I keep thinking about streaming, but I never quite go from '0' to '1' and I'd start off all of it saying, "Hellllloooo, Internet. Moiren here." Fortunately she doesn't watch the above streamers or she'd have noticed me sneaking in each of their intro phrases and styles while we were playing Ibb and Obb.

  • Creator

    I watch Cry!

    (And I'm still asked when I'm going to do more videos with that Theo guy. The n is right there, people! I shouldn't complain though over the years I've seen and heard many versions of Moiren.)

  • @Insomnia said in Any Streamers Out There?:

    I watch Cry!

    (And I'm still asked when I'm going to do more videos with that Theo guy. The n is right there, people! I shouldn't complain though over the years I've seen and heard many versions of Moiren.)

    When you tell me when!

    Speaking of, a technical question for the community: Moiren and I are having a hell of a time finding a good screen-sharing program where I can see what she's doing, or visa-versa, with sound, real-time. We have come kind of close, but not close enough. Full-on screen-sharing because we have an idea where either of us can mess around with the mouse.

    I can't remember what we've tried, but they were either too technical to set up, or showed the machine's registered user name by the mouse pointer. That's what I want; the wider Youtube audience to know my real name. Hah, no.

  • Over the weekend I am going to be holding a Cards Against Humanity stream, time and day to be announced. I am looking forward to it because it promises to be horribly awful in the good way. :)

  • Pitcrew

    @Coin you really don't feed that much. Shut up.

  • Pitcrew

    @Faceless said in Any Streamers Out There?:

    @Coin you really don't feed that much. Shut up.

    Ahaha, you didn't see me play the other day against some actual people who know what they're doing to the point where I was like... 2/26/4 or something like that. XD

  • @Thenomain

    Re: the screen sharing, have you tried TeamViewer?

  • Creator

    @Jaded We did, yeah.

    @Thenomain I think I might have found something!

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    A few people have asked, so I figured I would just list my setup here.

    For recording / streaming:

    To record / stream games on the PC / Emulators, I use OBS it's free and can record just about everything on a monitor, you just have to set it up to do so. I also use OBS to stream / capture games on my Wii, as well as my PS3 (it's one of the older ones that does PS1 and PS2 games) along with my Roxio Game Capture Pro HD (Mine is out of date and doesn't do PS4). It's a good starting capture program and probably the cheapest setup you will find, but if you don't have two monitors you might have some issues as it makes games look like they have dropped acid if it isn't on top, always.)

    Now I use my Elgato and the program that comes with it for my PS3 and PS4, although you can stream directly from the PS4 and record 15 minutes on the PS4. There's HD splitters and various cables I had to get as well. And so many cables to get it all to work, I fear moving!

    If you can't afford an Elgato and want to record more than 15 mins on a PS4, you will need to set up a livestream on Youtube. You want to set the event private and starting at a predetermined time. If you are worried about people catching you in the act make a new channel and don't tell anyone about it.

    For Audio :

    I use Audacity to record seperate tracks. My microphone is a Blue Yeti although my my PS4 I use my Logitech G230 headset (Although you can plug the Yeti into the PS4 as well I'm kinda lazy and I already swap out the mics way too often as it is.) I don't always use it, but when I think music might be an issue for copyright, it's so much easier to have seperate tracks than to edit it out after.

    For Video Editing:

    I use AVS Video Editor and Remaker. When you get the licence for AVS you get access to all the products. It's fairly easy to use and is a good starting software. (But it can be frustrating and the customer support is pretty much non-existent.) I still use the Remaker quite a bit, but have since started using Power Director 14 Ultra as my editing program.

    Since I stream on Twitch and am sometimes lazy what I will do is export a stream from my PS4 to my Youtube channel and set it private, then once it's uploaded set it to unlisted and download it from Youtube. Then edit it and put it back up on Youtube.

    To make the video size smaller and not take days to upload to youtube, I use Handbrake otherwise Youtube will throw a fit.

    For Images, graphics, thumbnails, and overlays:

    I use GIMP because it's free, and it's what I learned on.

    I use Aegisub when I need to put subtitles into a video, either because of a copyright claim, or because I'm drunk and not sure if people will understand me,

    For Music I use: - Royalty free music so long as you put in the description you are using it.

    General streaming resources:

    (I stream on Twitch, not sure if these will work on Youtube or not).

    I use Twitch Alerts to tell me when I have a new follower, or someone has made a donation. It also takes donations for you as well.

    When I use a bot in my channel I use QuorraBot. I have moderators on my channel, so it's mainly for contests and the like.

    Getting the word out there:

    I've listed them before, but they are still good places to post if you want to get more views:

    I also have a Facebookpage, twitter, and Tumblr. And then there's going through all the links and making sure the annotations are up and working.

    I also give people the finger, who tell me to go out and get a real job instead of playing videogames because I don't monetize my videos and I can't set up my Patreon yet.

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    FYI, Twitch has video uploading now too.

    Also in places that have it, Amazon Prime does a Twitch turbo thing now, you get free games once a month and you get to keep them even if you drop prime, plus one free subscription a month to your favorite channel.

    Given that on Youtube the new terms of service say you aren't allowed to swear or use sexual innuendo and that new YouTube heroes thing which is just ripe for the potential for abuse, I'm going to be posting my vids on both places.

  • I'm resurrecting a thread here, it asked me if I wanted to create a new topic, but a lot of the stuff on here is still sound.

    Anyways, I was wondering if anyone has stumbled onto new streamers that they enjoy? There are more platforms available now, but I still mostly stick to Twitch. What kind of games do ya'll watch there?

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