oWoD Roller & Possibly Sheet system?

  • Hey there, I'm looking for some code snippets. Some friends and I are going to be doing an online table top, and while I could just make a very simple pickrand from 1-10, I'm not a very good coder (ask @Thenomain or @Glitch), so I wanted to check to see if anyone had an oWoD roller code and possibly a sheet system (Vampire, specifically) laying around. We're doing a Dark Ages vampire, pre-fall of Rome game set during the second Punic Wars, with the intention of doing the whole "through the ages" thing up till the modern nights. I figure that oWoD code is probably some of the most common sitting around outside of Star Wars.

    Alternately, if you feel like setting something up for me, I can throw you the addy where I've got the site set up. Lemme know in a PM or whatever.

    Anyhow! If anyone can help me out, I've got some interesting code snippets I can exchange in return, or I can help you out with your game in regards to theme and such, which is generally my forte beyond the usual STing.


  • @somasatori



  • @somasatori It's ancient and frankly I don't remember how it works any more, but... better than nothing I guess?


    Edit -- But I'm sure whatever @Thenomain has is way better. This is more his wheelhouse :)

  • Thanks, guys! I sent Theno a PM about it. But I'll take a look-see at your ancient one @faraday :)

    I would imagine that if we wind up quitting the table top, I'd probably try to pull this into an actual MU*, Vampire Fall of Rome style. But I'm not sure how long that would take to do/whether or not the table top putters down. For now, it'll just be some friends of mine and me, but perhaps in the future~

    Thing is, I've always wanted to see a decent WoD game set in the Dark Ages. There's enough stuff with the V20 junk that just came out that makes it a pretty awesome contender for it.

  • Oh, I just noticed you said oWoD. Sorry, I was in line at Origins Game Fair going, "Man, I'm glad they had pre-registrations so things would go much faster, else this would be absolute ass." So I missed the 'o' on my phone.

    No, I don't have an oWoD sheet system. The roller is easily tweaked, the sheet system can probably be easily tweaked, but it's not set up that way.

    Sorry. I don't have a Monolith Phone 6" Monstrosity to read on.

  • No worries, Theno. Do you have a github that I can take a look at or did you wanna log in?

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