Unique settings or themes?

  • Pitcrew

    Ok, I'm looking for games with a unique theme or setting. That could either be a game unlike others, like KD was or a game that uses a familiar theme but does it in a very unique way.

    I'm ok with WoD games, but I'm sorta tired of coastal cities...I'm familiar with BITN...

    I've found a D&d 5E MUSH that seems to just be getting started so I'm there, I know there's a Serenity Mush. I'm not interested in any multiverse, Marvel or DC themed mushes. I'm not into TS.

    What out there is super cool and unique?

    I might do muds that have depth if there's any you can think of.

    Also, to save board space, Whats the best Star Wars mush? Is there a good Star Trek Mush, what about Zombie survival? Any other Supernatural or Science fiction themed mushes that aren't Shadowrun or World of Darkness?

  • @DnvnQuinn I don't have any (useful) content, but I'm curious: what D&D 5E MUSH?

  • Admin

    @DnvnQuinn I don't think it's so much that there are no unique themes/systems around but that usually they aren't that popular. And that means they are harder to launch in the first place unless you can already code (Theno will probably not spend weeks of his time coding my LittlePony/Harry Potter high-brow concept) and that there are fewer players ready to jump in and play it which limits word of mouth and, of course, finding others to play with there.

    MSB might not be the best place to find what you're looking for. I don't have good alternatives though - is TMC still a thing even?

  • Pitcrew

  • I'm working on an original supernatural game as an alternative to the WoD. I'm aiming to be a more mix of Underworld,Blade, Buffy, and Anne Rice than I am the typical WoD game (as in, a Blade-style shoot up is going to be more acceptably common, or a Buffy-style brawl will be easier to deal with, than on the standard WoD game). Notably its going to be different in that it'll have more automated stuff, so that things like combat and even basic checks flow faster, since I'm building the mechanical parts from the ground up.

    I have a thread on here, http://musoapbox.net/topic/1083/interest-check-original-vampire-based-supernatural-mu/, and you can also poke around my devblog at hotbmush.com/blog/

  • Pitcrew

    @Bobotron Anne Rice /IS/ WoD. Heh.

    But yeah I've been following that and look forward to seeing more as it develops.

  • @DnvnQuinn
    LOL. This is true, but you know what I mean. I find Anne Rice's books play out differently than a standard WoD game or even a standard WoD session.

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