How-To Contest

  • Contest!

    In the interest of filling out our How-Tos section a bit, we'll be having a content contest for the category. It'll be judged by @EmmahSue, @Thenomain and myself and will end June 30th, 2016. You must provide a link to the How-To in a response to this message noting that it is your entry. You may make multiple entries if you so choose, but can only win one of the prizes. This topic will be locked at midnight EST of the ending date.


    While there are many MU-related possibilities for a tutorial, the following are criteria that will be used in the judging:

    • Expand on a topic relevant to game administration: coding, building, wiki, jobs, etc.
    • Cover a topic not already presented in the How-Tos category or offer a different approach.
    • Provide links to sources of additional information if possible or relevant.
    • Make use of markup (highlights, code-blocking, headers, etc) for presentation.


    First Place: $40.00
    Second Place: $20.00
    Third Place: $10.00

    All prizes will be delivered via paypal to an e-mail designated by the winners.


    Feel free to post questions for clarification or further information in this topic. Entrants, please make sure your entry is clearly marked when replying.

  • Pitcrew

    I'm a shoe-in to win "How to abandon a game to other staffers: a pictorial guide"

  • This is pretty cool!

  • @tragedyjones said in How-To Contest:

    I'm a shoe-in to win "How to abandon a game to other staffers: a pictorial guide"

    I'm waiting...

  • @tragedyjones I am waiting too. I want to see it.

  • It's gonna be a lot of dickpicks, Ray Lewis, and a collage of beards.

  • Pitcrew

    Uh...hmm...How to, uh....annoy people? That's all I'm good at.

  • @tragedyjones said in How-To Contest:

    I'm a shoe-in to win "How to abandon a game to other staffers: a pictorial guide"

    I can collaborate if you want.

  • "How to come up with a cool concept, realize it's probably too niche, and bury one's head in the sand: an autobiography" will sadly have to wait since between RL business chaos and being in the grip of phase one of the above... yeah. :/

    I may write up something on wiki-fu but is there anything in particular people really want in that regard as a priority? I eventually plan to make an actual wiki of 'copy stuff from here at will, here's a lot of instructions' but that's more like a year-end goal, so I'd rather target toward 'this is a current actual common need' if I decide to tackle this.

  • Pc, npc, and log templates?

  • Pitcrew

    How To Aim For The Sky And Blast The Moon Out of Orbit or Recovering After Creating and then Tanking a Game, by @Coin.

  • @Taika How to construct templates was one of the ones I was considering. (There's a lot involved in those, not just the wiki code, that's all preference/taste-based/css-foo/etc. that is less 'here's how' than 'I have a bunch of options up, grab your favorite, be sure X is installed'.)

    Sounds like a plan, though. <3

  • @surreality

    It wouldn't be bad to make a super simple skeleton that people can hang their pretty clothes on, so speak.

  • @Taika Not exactly possible, really. It's why it'd take a whole site to handle properly without raising more questions than it answers, rather than a single tutorial. There are too many moving parts.

  • There you go, here's my entry for the contest: Evennia for MUSHers.