Fallen World MUX?

  • Found while digging around for something else.
    Anyone know anything about it? Might scratch the Awakening 2e itch that a lot of people here have.


  • @Bobotron

    From their chargen pages:

    Command: +stat/set <Skill.Specialty>=1

    So it's based on my code.

    I think I know what this is, but I don't know if I'm supposed to know. Consider, however, that I'm not done with the Mage code because of truly annoying things like "Arcane XP" and "Proximi" and "Spells".

    I'll leave it up to them to out themselves if/when they want.

    Cool wiki. I can't wait to play in 1940s Americana with Mage.

    Line-height could be increased a pixel or two if they're going to use that drop-shadow. Higher contrast between readable-text and background would be nice, too. Maybe the latter will solve the issue my eyes are having with the former.

    More Edit: They probably should mention in their chargen pages that typing 'cg/check' will list how they're doing with setting stats, and unless they do something different on the game they missed the insanely important first step of 'stat/template <template name>'.

  • @Thenomain
    Figured I'd throw it up here. The wiki design is reminiscent of an OWoD V20 game I saw at one point (also set in NYC) that never seemed to get off the ground. It is a pretty wiki.

  • Pitcrew

    @Bobotron , how do you find these things?!

    Also, if you mean Final Nights this is a past project but feel free to check it out! We decided to focus on Mage 2nd Edition but, since there is a lot of stuff in here already, we figured we might just show it! Have fun, and behold our MU analogue to Blizzard's Titan. <3 May it rise again in the Time of Thin Blood!

  • @SunnyJ
    My Google fu is stronk. :D I was searching for supernatural families and it came up way down on the list.

    And yes, Final Nights is the one I found prior. Pretty wikis.

  • Creator

    Weakness for Pretty Wikis.
    Do we have an adress yet?

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