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  • I feel so awkward putting something like this up-- but here it is. Very no-frills and barebones at the moment, but for those of you who would like to nudge my tip jar, I now have a Patreon account thing set up.

    I can post specific goals and things there if people want me to do that, but for the meantime it's a Help-Chime-cover-hosting-and-coffee type of thing.

    Please feel under absolutely no obligation of any sort-- I'm not deathly ill or destitute, but I have the business sense of an octopus in a peanut butter jar. This helps people help me, and gives you a handy way to nicely prod me toward improving MU* things we share interests in. One-time and recurring payments of any sort are all quite welcome.

    Things I've been doing (and will continue, anyway):

    • Mechanipus MUSH hosting, in its various forms
    • Work on TinyMUX for various features/feeps/improvements
    • Mushcode here and there for certain games

    Things I can be nudged into working on more (words are worth as much as money, but money does give me more time to spend on this):

    • Working on MOO hard/soft code to get that into a usable state for modern MUSHers.
    • Writing targeted tutorials (probably here) for everyone to read on certain topics. Not sure about the audience yet, but devising training materials for esoterically technical stuff for people with no time to understand is something I do for work already...
    • Wrapping up the packaging details and documentation on my TinyMUX changes (as seen on github) into a formal release of some sort.
    • Porting specific features between MUSH versions.
    • Implementing specific MUSH features. (JSON manipulators, xml-rpc/json-rpc hooks in both directions, variable buffer size (VBUFs instead of LBUFs, more and better regexp support, built-in mushcode prettyprinting and debugging features, etc.)
    • Helping create a better framework for mush-mediawiki integration
    • Devising a better mediawiki hosting setup so I don't tear my hair out and other people more interested in doing actual large-scale-hosting-as-a-business can deploy it.

    Existing Mechanipus customers!

    • You don't need to do anything. Really. It's not going away, and I'm not likely to ever manage to turn Mechanipus into a viable business.
    • This is just if you want to help out in this way.
    • It is very much appreciated though, especially if you need a lot of help with fixing mush issues.
    • This is not payment-for or a promise of support, but it does keep me less burned-out and more able to cover the Mechanipus hosting costs.

  • Oh. Uh. A URL. You kids and your web thing.

  • Pitcrew


    Thank you for the space we use on your servers and your support over the years.


    Darkspires staff and players!

  • Tutorialist


    I'll start supporting in a couple of weeks on my next paycheck. You are wonderful. <3

  • Pitcrew

    @Chime said in Chime Patreon:

    but I have the business sense of an octopus in a peanut butter jar.

    Is it full of peanut butter or is it a jar that just once held peanut butter? Because those fuckers are intelligent! They can open jar lids from inside!

    All kidding aside, I will try to contribute as I can, as I think this is the least the community can do to thank you for your efforts and favor. <3

  • :)

  • I'm with @Coin on this one. I literally have twenty cents to my name this month, but if I happen to miracle my way into a paycheck (dang freelance art jobs), I'm all about sending what I can.

  • Pitcrew Banned

    Donated some money already prior to today for all your wonderful help over the years.

    Enjoy. <3

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