Umbra and Obf objects for Penn

  • Long shot here, but does anyone have a copy of the objects that places like Metro used to simulate Obf/Umbra on Penn?


  • Umbra these days should exclusively be handled by reality levels. Just sayin'.

  • @Thenomain said in Umbra and Obf objects for Penn:

    Umbra these days should exclusively be handled by reality levels. Just sayin'.

    Except for the fact that PennMUSH doesn't support the reality levels. Otherwise it would be easy to do.

  • @Seamus

    Point. I normally assume that Penn is almost always a superset of Mux.

  • Yeah, it's still a bit behind the times on the Reality Levels and Reality Flags of Mux and RhostMUSH.

  • I've found that 'static' umbra descs are really the wrong way to go, especially with nWoD/CoD since the umbra is so fluid based on the reality of the situation. The right /people/ in the area can swing the umbra description based on moods etc.

    So if I were to do a nWoD/CoD umbra system I'd probably just use anywhere rooms, or have staff alter the desc of the room in the scene set, it's much easier to get what you want without having to worry about static anything. Also, with the way the Umbra has changed, it's a lot easier to get stuff shoved up your tailpipe if you just try to hang out in the umbra all the time and be a spy or whatever, so there's that too.

  • For the nWoD/CoD that would be ideal. I'm doing classic WoD (20th Edition).

  • Does anyone have contact with Loon@Sheltering Skies? Apparently it is the Metro reboot. They run Penn. So I am hoping they'll share to make my life easier.

  • IF I had to do it on Penn I'd probably just dig two grids, and have an attribute that linked them together. So the +step code would transport you to the linked room if you succeeded on the roll.

  • This should not be hard, depending on how much you want to differentiate.

    @descformat on a parent for descs
    @conformat on a parent for people
    @exitformat on a parent for exits

    Mind you, it won't hide things from the hardcoded 'examine' or just doing lexits(). But the question is, do you really need that level of hiding?

    For the standard interactions, just @hook/override SAY, EMIT, POSE. Or, use a parented @lock/interact, though players might override that if they know about it.
    @lock some exits if you really need to.

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