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  • I will list all of the things, because why not? At least, all of the things I've played. I've sat in chargen with other characters for ages but never got around to doing anything. See: HM

    Active (for varying degrees of 'active')
    City of Hope Salimah, Natalya, XP Mule #10372
    Exalted: Tales of the Dreaming Sea Viridian Serdio
    Fallcoast Deborah Wagner, Juliette Skinner
    Fallen World Pluto, Cassandra
    Shadowrun: Denver - Deborah

    I list the active ones based on the ones I currently log into and sit around/do nothing on/occasionally throw myself into scenes when the mood hits.

    Star Wars: Age of Alliances - Lynn Rathan, Bana Cynis, Jipp Kunno, Vosa'niru
    Star Wars: Old Republic - I forget the name, but it was a prototype droid sent out on his own so he could install upgrades the corporation would never think to add on their own
    HM - Many people who never made it beyond chargen
    NYC - (Clarifying which NYC, it was the one where Mages caused 9/11. With a spell. And mortals just hallucinated planes. Then staff changed their mind and made it a different building, because they couldn't figure out why this offended people.) Felicia, Pyrrha, Yvette
    The Reach - Danica (both the mortal and the vampire-ghost-bloodline-thing), Jean (Reed Werewolf with an unnatural Duck obsession)
    Exalted: Fire and Glass - Arsinoe, Heavenly Pomegranite, CynisViridian
    Exalted: Where Rivers Meet - Arsinoe, Grayle
    Exalted: Gunstar - Hotaru
    SerenityMU - Genevieve
    KishiKaisei - Setsuna

    In case it's not obvious, my RP preferences are all over the map.

  • Pitcrew

    Oh shit. I failed to mention that iteration of NYC, and I staffed there.

  • Pitcrew

    Man, I never got around to apping in any of the Exalted MUs. I didn't even know there were more than two.

  • Updated, for lolz.

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