Evennia 0.6 released

  • Evennia is a MU* development system and server in Python.

    As of today, Evennia's "wclient" development branch merged, making me feel like ramping up the version number to the pretty arbitrary 0.6.

    This update concludes a lengthy overhaul of Evennia's HTML5 web client infrastructure, notably standardizing all commands between the server and client as well as splitting the javascript code into two - one javascript library handles all communication to the Evennia server and the other the frontend UI. The communication library will transparently downgrade the connection to AJAX/COMET long polling if the player uses a browser that can't handle websockets. This library offers events and hooks for the front-end to make use of. This split makes it easier to replace the default gui with a ui library of your own choice while not needing to worry about the server communication details. Thanks to @Glitch for offering excellent ideas and examples for the redesign of this!


    The default webclient gui is still mimicking a straightforward but stable "telnet-like" interface. So by default it matches what you see using the other types of client connections Evennia accepts in parallel (traditional telnet, telnet+SSL and SSH).

    Other changes involve expanded flexibility and functionality for having your client ask for all sorts of things from the server, or telling the server to report various state changes (like the client asking the server to report whenever a health attribute changes so it can update a health bar or flash the screen). On the server side, this is done by simply defining a normal function with the name (and arguments) of the client instruction you want to accept.

    There are a bunch of further changes that are interesting to those familiar with, or is already using, Evennia. More info, along with update instructions, is covered in this post on the Evennia mailing list.

  • A graphical overview of the Evennia system, for those interested: http://evennia.blogspot.se/2016/05/evennia-in-pictures.html

  • Coooolooouuuuurs.

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