Marvel: 1963 (Lookin for a Coder)

  • Hey guys,

    I've spent about 9 months away from staffing at games and I've started to get that itch again. After some false starts and some careful consideration, I'm going to get back into that sort of work, since I miss it a lot.

    I want to start a period piece Marvel game that starts in the 1960s. To me the idea of doing something in a different time period will maybe give a different flavor than the other superhero games out there, and that particular time period has always struck me as the perfect mixture politically, socially, and militarily for a game.

    I'm looking for a coder to help out. If you're someone who likes to do such things, my needs are pretty simple. What I can offer is one of two things: Either a seat on staff or if you'd rather just build and go, perhaps a one time payment for set-up and the ability to come and ask you questions if and when the need arises. I would not need a coded stats system.

    What I would need:

    • Character Generation
    • A system that allows us to set fields for +finger, powers, skills, advantages, and flaws
    • Event and logging code (which could just be copied from the same ones all the games use)

    If that's something that you'd be interested in, please message me here so we can shoot the breeze. If you would want to know who it is you'd be getting into bed with, please take a look at my playlist that I posted a month or so back. I have a set of news files that's pretty much done so the amount of time to take to get going would not be a big one. I'm open to using any system, more simple the better. I do really like Volund's system. If you don't know about it, you should check it out.



  • Is this the thing we were talking about earlier? Because I would totally be down for playing on this as well as helping with building if you need help with the grid.

  • @Apu Yeah, I think it's just time that I kind of go ahead with this idea. (it was actually after the conversation with you that I thought I'd go ahead and actually do it). I know you're more of a DC gal, but you'd be more than welcome.

  • I am more of a DC gal, yes, but I do have more than a small handful of Marvel ladies I like to RP as at the same time. :) Like I said, poke me if I can help! Can't stress that enough!

  • Pitcrew

    I don't have the time or energy for another game but fuck do I want to play this

  • @Roz what a coincidence. I'm sure we will all really want you to play it too!!!

  • Pitcrew

    I don't know any code but I can come mess with the code long enough to break something. I'm super at that.

  • @DnvnQuinn you and me. Birds of a feather.

  • @tangent

    So how exactly is that going to work? In canon, most Marvel heroes weren't around in 1960.

  • @TNP well, it won't be necessarily a year one game. The 1963 year is really for the purposes of theme and apps would need to sort of fit that theme. Everyone from Tony Stark to Iron Lad would still be available in some form.

  • @tangent So all the canon heroes will still exist but their BGs will need to be rewritten to fit the new era? Is anything else about them alterable?

  • @TNP while nothing is set in stone, I generally feel like people should get to adapt their chars liberally. What that line is, I'm not sure at this point. It will probably depend on what other people who want to staff feel about it. I plan on having a liberal retcon policy, but like I said, nothing is set in stone at this point.

  • And, yes, to your initial question. Sorry.

  • Interesting. Not that I have any desire to play Spiderman but having Peter Parker be a young black teenager in 1963 could be an interesting story. Similarly with other heroes.

  • @TNP My hope is that the setting makes for a lot of intriguing hooks for characters. I'm just hoping that my interest in history isn't blinding me. I think that there could be a niche for this style game, but I suppose we'll just have to wait and see.

  • Do you have a particular system that interests you? I'm all about this game idea...

  • @fatefan Well, there wouldn't be coded combat. So, in that respect it will be similar to the other comic games that are out there. I realize this is going to be a major turnoff for many of the people looking for something fresh in this genre. I was following the recent call to arms about what a new superhero game would need, and most people who were talking about what they needed to get involved discussed the need for coded stats or combat. Others discussed wanting an all OC game.

    I don't doubt those are good ideas, but I think for those of us who stick to comic games exclusively a major draw is the ability to play FCs. That brings up another can of worms: coded combat means a rush for high powered characters and a lot of overhead for creating static apps for characters. I've seen some games with stat systems and they usually were thought of as novelties, but eventually people sort of got bored with it, and came back to statless games.

    This is a real long response to something that may not have been yoru question.

  • @tangent It was quite helpful, I think.

    Part of the reason I've found myself drawn to Fate for the OC game I've begun working on is because I like the mechanics being there to help adjudicate dramatic encounters without becoming too crunchy.

    However, I get that it's not everyone's bag, and I'm definitely in support of games that want to try to make interesting superhero RP happen in new ways.

    So, given a desire to avoid a coded mechanical system, are you looking for any particular set of needs from a chargen system? I like that HeroMUX's current setup goes for brevity over the multiple-screens-per-power worth of text en vogue a decade ago. (MXT 3.0 had a very similar system during its brief lifespan, which was awesome, but I guess the community wasn't ready for it at that time.)

    Basically I'm asking so that I can get a better sense of how helpful I could be to you!

  • @fatefan This is going to sound really dumb. For me, I think back to games where it was just simple: You had some rooms to set your skills, your powers, your advantages, your flaws, and your background and that was pretty much it.

    That being said, I think Dumbledore was a genius when he decided to set the stats and keep the questions separate. I've always felt that keeping things moving quickly for staff to get through apps, as well as focus on other things. I was apprehensive then, as I am now, to go that route only because of issues with player's and their rights to their own character. I know on HM the policy has always been, once you give that up you share it with the game and it's understood. Something about that has always made me nervous.

  • I should also say that Faraday is helping me set up the beginning parts of the game, and we're going to go with PennMush. i don't know if that turns people on or turns them off. For me I kind of like every system I've come across

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