Unverified accounts

  • This weekend, I will be going through and deleting accounts created before this month that are unverified (have not verified through e-mail).

  • Pitcrew


    How do we tell if we have verified?

  • If you can post, you're verified. You'd also see an alert when you login saying you need to verify.

  • Pitcrew

    Thank you!

  • Creator

    So anyone who maybe made an account to read, and maybe keep their place, but never post will be deleted? I'm guessing by the answer that unverified people can't post (at least that's my guess from "If you can post," So why?

    This isn't a change is bad reaction, more a confused one, because it doesn't really seem needed.

  • Pitcrew

    This feels more like a step in curbing trolls than the hiding of topics. It's just another layer to discourage them from comin in just to post shit talk.

  • Creator

    Yeah but if they can't post, because they are unverified... how does it change anything?

  • Pitcrew

    You don't have to post to be verified. When you registered an got a name it asked for an e-mail. Then in that e-mail there was a link to clink on that brought you back to MUSoapbox and ta da you were verified.
    Most places use it as an anti spam measure since the spam bots aren't good at doing extra steps. I can also see it's use as an anti-troll measure or at least an anti-get around ban measure since the standard dummy e-mail addy won't then let them post, they would have to make a real new e-mail, not hard but a bit of discouragement.

    @Insomnia someone can create an account then let it sit unverified forever then go back and verify to post, essentially this prevents pre-stored of sock monkeys.

  • @Insomnia Anyone that maybe made an account to read, and maybe keep their place, but never post, who has not verified their account, will be deleted. They can continue to not post if they like, after verifying.

    This is solely for housekeeping purposes. If someone would like an account it must be verified, that is all. What they do with the account after that point is entirely up to them.

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