Android client

  • Whats a good mu android client?

  • Pitcrew

    BlowTorch and Mukluk are the only two I'm aware of. I've used both and slightly prefer Mukluk because when you type in BlowTorch's buffer, you can't see what you're typing until you complete the word.

  • BlowTorch doesn't handle large amounts of data well and isn't good for MUSHing. MukLuk has weird parsing/color issues and isn't that great for MUSHing either. I like LensDroid, which isn't as popular as the other two and doesn't have as smooth scrolling as BlowTorch, but is clear and legible, doesn't crash easily, handles large amounts of text without issue, offers the standard set of colors, limited aliases and triggers and is basically an all around decent client. It's not going to handle IRE levels of coding but for an RP MU* it's definitely adequate.

    @Cupcake The issue with BlowTorch's buffer may have to do with using a non-standard typing app. It works fine for me unless I'm using SwiftKey.

  • I don't know that much about android, but I use MuClient on my Kindle Fire HD and it works very well for what it does. It can only handle one connection at a time, but it's a nice little client.

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