Mage 2E PbP

  • Tutorialist

    I'm thinking about doing a Mage 2E PbP thing. Either here or somewhere else. We'd have no set schedule for posting thing. We'd likely use the wizards of the coast dice roller website and the honor system for rolls. (e.g. Don't fake out your rolls so you always succeed, that's awful. :< Or give yourself failures so you can take a beat for a dramatic failure.)

    I'll post something about what kind of campaign it would be once I know a little more on interest. However, it would absolutely-positively be heavily vested in mystery solving, and action. Not politics. I hate Mage!Politics. I hate Mage!Charters. HATE. HATE. You have immense cosmic power and you're going to quibble over who gets to wear the funny hat or the shiny badge? harrumph. AHEM. Anywise.

    Action-Mystery-Thriller Mage Play by Post. Anyone interested?

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