Coder Wanted for 7th Sea Chargen [RHOST]

  • Pitcrew


    I'm making a 7th Sea first edition MUSH (I hate 2nd edition and everyone I spoke with shared the same sentiments upon reading the preview booklet that was released), and I have chargen code about ninety percent ready. Unfortunately, my coder's been struck with a bad case of RLs and I'd like to have character generation, sheet and dice finished before June or July. The server is Rhost-based; I believe Advantages and Backgrounds are the only thing left in the actual sheet code, but we still need a die roller, and some other functional things.

    The setting is an island that belongs to no particular nation, but with an abundance of Castillian influences since they were the ones who took it back from the Crescent Empire; it's pretty much an exile's haven, since people who have been chased out of all countries eventually find themselves there. On the outskirts, there is a village for outlaws as well; those deemed too dangerous to live in the island city the game is set.

    I probably won't post my googledoc here, but send me PMs and I'll see about sending the theme document over. Thanks!

    [EDIT: This is the theme. If this document is not view only, please let me know. :)]