Wiki Space

  • If anyone needs a wiki for a game they're setting up and they already have a domain name, but don't want to pay hosting fees, I'm willing to let a couple folks piggy-back off my server. I've got about 20 gb of data socked away for my webserver, of which I'm using very little (mostly for my portfolio page as a web dev). Hit me up with a PM if you want me to set up Mediawiki for you. All you need is the domain name, and we can just point it at a subdomain on my server. I think I would be able to safely host about 4 wikis without hitting the space cap, so long as people don't throw a bunch of pictures up there. Good thing about Mediawiki is that if you decide to get space of your own after the initial push in getting your game up and running is that you can transfer the files and database file elsewhere.

    Anyhow! Just letting y'all know it's available.

    I could probably even do some minor CSS adjustments for folks, so long as it's not utterly ridiculous & time consuming.

  • This has been all filled up! Thank you for the folks who asked.

    If you're interested in getting cheap and easy-to-setup wikis for your game projects, use Namecheap. You can grab a domain and their hosting services are really inexpensive (like $20 a year), and they've got a Mediawiki plugin you can install through their control panel.

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