Whispers in the Dark - A Buffy MUX looking for help

  • I’m trying to take a measured approach to getting Whispers open but I cannot deny that additional help would be greatly appreciated. I know some people offered to help out in my initial thread but I thought I’d make an official post about what I’m working on, what is finished, and what remains to be done.

    Code: I’m all set on code. I coded all of the systems and can code anything that we may need in the future. I have no need for any sort of code help at this time.

    Building: This is the big one. I could really use some help building the grid. Based on feedback in the other thread I think this can be broken down into global rooms and hangouts. If there were people willing to take up the tasks of building the global grid (Sleepy Hollow itself) and various hangouts/RP spots that would move this along tremendously. I’m not looking for anything grand in either department. The global grid probably does not need to be more than 15-20 rooms and each hangout/rp spot likely only needs to be 1-3 rooms each. I’m also planning on utilizing a temporary room code so that players can add on as needed.

    Plots: This will be more of an “after we open” sort of thing but I’d like to get some people on who are willing to run regular scenes for people. I’m a big supporter of player run plots and firmly believe that players should have the ability to motivate their own RP. As such I won’t be expecting much from my plot staff, if they can run 1 scene a week I’ll be happy.

    Help Staff: Another “after we open” sort of thing but I’d love to have some people who can answer player questions regarding theme, the unisystem, or whatever.

    Right now most of the code is done and I have a wiki set up at wikidot.com for things like theme information and information regarding the unisystem (everything needed to know is on the wiki in regards to the system). What I really need help with is in the building area.

    If anyone is interested in helping out in any of the above areas just send me a PM and we’ll talk. Thanks!

  • Pitcrew

    I am so glad you're doing this. I can't help because I am knee-deep in my own project (nWoD) but if you need advice about some policies and what not from someone with a little experience with Buffyverse/Unisystem MUs, send me a chat!

  • I'm not really familiar with the Buffyverse/Unisystem, but I'm usually full of ideas. Not sure where I'd fit in, though. Must respectfully decline.

  • Just to update those of you that are interested, especially those of you who have offered to help build, things are progressing. Thanks to the discussion on this forum about grid size I've decided to expand on the grid a bit moving it into what I would consider a mid-ranged sized grid. I'm also stamping out some bugs that my wife found in c-gen. Things are moving forward, however, which I'm very excited about. As soon as the grid is done I'm going to invite over those of you who offered to help build hangouts. I'm hoping by the end of the week. Thanks for the interest!

  • RL has had a hold of me so I've been putting off offering to help. Did you get your grid builder? RL has got a routine now.\

  • Pitcrew

    I am looking forward to building some hangouts. It's been so long!

  • Color me interested. I've been rewatching Angel and reading a few Buffy novels I picked up for cheap, so I am going to keep an eye on this project.

    I didn't see it in the thread, but are you on a post-Season 7 'all the Potentials always activate' or an offspring timeline where Buffy and Faith are still the only Slayers?

  • RE: The Grid - I've taken the reigns on that. I have a vision for it now and I think it is coming out rather nicely.

    RE: Timeline - We're post season 7. We're treating season 7 like it happened in 2003 and we're opening in 2015 so 12 years have passed. We treat only the TV series as canon (Buffy and Angel) so no comic stories are canon.

  • @ZombieGenesis said:

    RE: Timeline - We're post season 7. We're treating season 7 like it happened in 2003 and we're opening in 2015 so 12 years have passed. We treat only the TV series as canon (Buffy and Angel) so no comic stories are canon.

    Cool, cool. Some of the... decisions... for the comic stories were a little iffy, to me (even if we got one of the best Dracula-based quotes out of the comic series in Season 8 ).

  • Pitcrew

    I am so stinking excited for this game.

  • A question about Buffy games; do they tend to be teen character based or adult character based?

  • Bit of both, in my experience. The few games I played on had a high school, a college, and player-owned businesses and such, with players actively involved in all of them.

  • Just a quick update. The massive amount of snow my area has gotten in the past week or so has managed to slow things down for me a bit. Even so things are moving forward. I continue to make progress on the grid. I'm fairly happy with it so far. I have a long weekend ahead of me and I'm hoping to get the grid down and some final troubleshooting accomplished on the character generation system. Once those are done I'll be inviting over those of you who offered to help build some hangouts. :)

  • I'd be interested in playing. I can't say I've much experience as a builder (though I've done a bit of descing over the years), I'd be more than happy to help with newbie helper, theme and plot stuff if that's needed.

  • Update

    Been slow going for a number of reasons. Weather, the flu, family stuff, and what have you but we're back on track now. The grid is almost done. I'll be posting the address as soon as I'm comfortable having people come over to hang out in an "open house" sort of fashion. Let people see how things are shaping up, maybe play around in the character generation system, etc. I'm hoping that will be either Saturday or Monday (Sunday is my TT day and I'll be away all day).

    Thanks for your patience!

  • Okay, I think I've gone about as far as I can go on my own. If you're interested in stopping by and giving what I've got up a look then come on over. I just want anyone who does to keep a few things in mind...

    1: I wouldn't even call the game beta ready. The code isn't as well tested as I'd like, I'm not happy with the grid (and there are no hangouts built yet), and the wiki isn't quite finished yet. So if any of that bothers you it would likely be best to avoid the game for the time being.
    2: This is less of an "opening" and more of an open house. What I'd like is for some people to come over, give the place a look, test out c-gen, etc. and so on.
    3: While I'm fine with people creating characters and even exploring a bit of RP if it helps test the waters and stuff just keep in mind that it will all likely get retconned when we do finally go live.

    That's really it. At this point I'm really looking for some external motivation and some thoughts on the direction that the game is going. I want to be sure I'm creating a place that people will want to play at. If you're up for helping in those areas then, please, stop by! I'm Captain Crunch on the game.

    SIte: muxmadness.com
    Port: 2014

  • I really like the term open house. Definitely clear that its not a soft open, or beta, or whatever.

  • Pitcrew

    I wish you all the best in this project, and do hope you get yourself collected enough to get it up off the ground. Good luck!

  • @ZombieGenesis - I, too, love your 'coining' the term Open House. I am going to use it, myself. Great idea and contribution.

  • While this was a pretty busy week (my niece graduated high school and my wife and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary) I still managed to get some decent feedback on the game. I was alerted to some c-gen bugs and realized I need to put some more stuff up on the wiki. All in all a good week. Things should start moving more quickly since I'll be around more often starting this week.

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