Some features

  • You might have noticed, but most things on these forums get updated automatically, no refresh necessary. Some of the things that might be flying under the radar however:

    • Tags. Each topic started gives the option of adding some helpful tags. We're at the very beginning of all of this, so if you think there might be some potentially useful tags for categorization, feel free to add them.

    • Chat. If you go to a user's page, underneath their user image you should see a chat button for, you got it, chatting.

    • @name. Using this will notify the person that they've been mentioned by you in a post.

  • To display an image in your post, you can use the regular link icon in the edit options, but just precede it with an exclamation point.


    Which produces:

  • A stupidly long list of emoji has been added. Just click the smiley face in the text edit menu to be annoyed by the ridiculous number of emoji available.

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