Thank you, @Dracula. RE: The things mentioned.

The mentioned quote has been corrected. I didn't even realize I missed that in c/p. Saint Vitus Dance has been changed into reflexive with only a cost of 1 mana per turn (since Mana in and of itself is difficult to gain outside of daily regen), and does 2B per turn. Puissant Perfume is meant to be something you can possibly run forever if you so choose. The caveat is the high mana cost, chance for failure, and that all 3 Attribute buffing spells can't all be on at once (Perfected Perspicuity in Ocularia for mental attributes and Fine Fettle in Restoration for physical attributes). You are also most def right on it not needing to be extended. The mana cost is enough. Puissant Panacea was simply a working name, and, honestly, I've yet to come up with a better name. Dragon Breath's ranges are 10/30/50. Use of a tincture made by magical distillation is instant. 30 successes is reachable if you have Stamina 3, Athletics 3, and Saturnagogy 3. Without a specialty that's 9 dice, and your average would be 27 successes if you opted not to use Willpower. If you throw in a specialty for 10 dice that average shoots to 30 without Willpower.

This does highlight that I didn't note how things work with Paths, dots, CG, etc.

You start with three dots for Paths. One of them must go to your Defined Path, and no other path can ever be higher than your Defined Path. Your starting Spells comes from your Defining Path, the Path of your second Path dot (so if your 2nd dot is put in your Defining Path you get another Spell from there), and one from any Path of your choosing.

Dots in your Defined Path costs 4xp, and those outside of it cost 5xp. Spells don't require dots in a given Path. Spells in your Defined Path cost 2xp, and spells outside of that cost 3xp. On top of this whenever you take a dot in a Path you receive a free Spell from that Path.

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