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It's pretty varied, depending on the fae! Some wear clothing made of something familiar to their Aspect, such as vine and leaf clothing for Nature Fae or something shimmery forged from stardust for Star Fae.

Some fae wear clothing similar to ours, mostly in a peasant-like style of tunics or simple dresses, ranging to more elaborate post-modern Lady Gaga-esque costumes.

Other Fae, perhaps with appearances straying from that of a standard humanoid, might just go au-natural and let their natural appearance clothe them, such as an Earth fae with a rock-elemental appearance having their body appear armor-like.

Do Fae living cities, or towns? On the ground in the trees?

Again, this varies! But, a lot of Fae live in the Grand Fae City together, while others live in smaller communities in many different biomes, such as a tree-top village in the forests, underwater cities, ruins perched atop the clouds, etc.

What does their agriculture look like (if they grow, nuts and fruit, I'd assume some Fae are in charge of those things?

Community is a major theme in the game, and in the world the Fae live in. Farming is often a feat accomplished by combined efforts of multiple clans of Fae, with Nature Fae planting and growing, Earth Fae preparing the land, Water Fae providing irrigation and hydration, and combined efforts of the Temperate Tribe to regulate the climate for plants to grow healthy and strong.