Error 503

  • Twice now in the last week, I've gotten the 503 error trying to access the forum. It's not been a problem since the connection worked immediately after on both occasions. But it's a new thing and I'm letting you know.

  • I got the same error once, sometime last week.

  • Coder

    I also received this error once, but it was about two weeks back, a refresh fixed it but, it did happen.

  • I received this error yesterday. Refresh also fixed.

  • I've also had it on several occasions, but usually refresh worked. However, on one occasion it seemed to block the site entirely, and only got restored after a few minutes.

  • Pitcrew

    Having seen the error (and having read it) it just looks like it's the screen that we get when there's too much traffic.

  • Coder

    You'll generally see this for a few minutes during upgrades. If it corrects immediately upon a reload, it's probably not an upgrade and is just a hiccup in the system.

    ETA: Apparently it's a 502 instead of 503 on upgrades.

  • Coder

    502 is gateway error, got that earlier today. 503 is something like, server overload error or something like that. It's been a bit.

  • Pitcrew

    This has happened to me in the last couple days whenever I've tried to upload an avatar to my account. The uploading ends in a 502 error, and then I can't access the whole site for a minute or two (or more).


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