Kay's Playlist: Crucible City (first one),TR & HM & Darkwater etc

  • Hi there! I'm looking to get back into MU*ing and would love to re-connect with people. I was She-Hulk the building staffer at Crucible City (Mutants & Masterminds game), the first one that was set in Chicago, and mainly played Samantha Covenant the supernatural P.I.

    On The Reach I played Pepper the terrifyingly happy Cheiron Hunter, and Q the Mortal.

    On Haunted Memories I played Bela the Mortal, Lucrecia the Mage & Tea the Changeling.

    On Darkwater I played Ida the insect Fairest, Eve the broken city Mannikin and a handful of others.

    There's tons of people that I adored playing with and would love to get back in touch with. I'm currently working on recreating Ida on Darkwater. If you're on there give me a page, or if not message through here in whatever fashion.

    Updated to add: Currently am playing Ida on the Darkwater recreation ( http://darkwater.wikidot.com/ida ) am otherwise not playing anywhere else atm, waiting for Fallcoast the Miami version to start this summer, where I plan to bring back Pepper. Glorious cocaine fueled Cheiron madness is coming to a screen near you! That said, if anyone knows of any pure OC superhero games, that is still my weakness even some fifteen years and change later.

  • @Kay Hey Shulkie. I played Nick/Phase on CC. Damn, that was about 12 years ago too. If you're looking for a supers game, I think CoMux is probably the best one out there currently.

  • @TNP I remember you! :D I know right? It doesn't feel like it's been that long, I guess I'm getting old. I will check out CoMux. ... Ooo, they allow original characters. I approve.

  • @Kay Hiya! I play Lumina, Mara, Rain, Inazuma et al. at CC. On the Reach, I was Maura. On HM, I was Zafirah, Rain, Saphir and Gale.

    It's good to see you again and I hope things are well.

  • @silentsophia FERN! :D I was actually just re-reading an old CC log that had Lumina in it. I think we interacted on HM too, Zafirah/Rain rings a bell? It's good to see you too. I'd seen you post back on SWOFA when I lurked but never knew you were you, so to speak. Yay, this is good stuff.

  • Pitcrew

    Shulkie! I played a bunch of chars on CC. I think Lady Atom was probably the most famous? I think we had a friend in common back in Sweden?

  • @Usekh Hi there! Hmm, I don't remember a Lady Atom, but I know there were one or two Crucible Cities after the first one. Do you remember any other character names?

  • @Kay So how's Doc doing?

  • Pitcrew

    Heeeeey, you were part of Atlas! I played Horatio. Good to see you jumping back into things. You can catch me on Fallcoast as Sand(Mage) or Mack(Promethean).

  • @Royal incoherent happy noises :D You bet, it would be awesome to RP with you again! I still miss the Atlas RP.

  • @TNP He is doing very well! Not MU*ing at the moment alas.

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    @Kay Hi there! I didn't personally know you, but one of my best friends played on Crucible- and he's currently at CoMUX! If you decide to drop by, he's with X-Men: Red, I believe.

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    @Kay ... it just dawned on me that I should tell you who he was :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I haven't had my caffeine dose today.

    He played Surf (aka Dave) over at CC, and currently plays Mike Drakos over at CoMux, he asked me to let you know :)

  • @Vorpal Oh excellent! Thank you for letting me know. :D

  • Pitcrew

    Best. Cheiron Group. Ever.

  • Arise, chicken, arise!

    I am on the revived Darkwater and remaking my old character Ida in all her waspy femme fatale glory. The place is quiet, I would love to see more people.

  • Pitcrew

    Throw away your bibles, people, this is the real Good News.

  • Creator

    I played on the Reach(Deianera), & Haunted Memories (Evelyn- Sleepwalker).

  • @songtress I will admit the names don't ring a bell, but did we play together? I didn't get to check all my logs yet.

  • Pitcrew



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