• Pitcrew

    I've been thinking more lately about trying different things in the mush environment. For example:

    • running a mush like a writer's workshop, with workshop-style critiques of logs.

    • allowing players to play the same PC in different scenes simultaneously (in RL time).

    • actively matching players for RP (chat roulette style)

    And other maybe silly things like that. I was curious what other serious and not so serious experiments like that you all could think of?

  • @Ide

    I think the critiquing will end in fire and blood. People on MU*s seem like they wouldn't be open to that critique. I mean, look at what happens when people pick apart descriptions rendered unreadable by purple prose.

    Clarify what you mean for 'play the same PC in different scenes simultaneously'?

    That I've seen done as kind of a wheel of RP coupled with an RP hooks database. People used it for a while on Megaman MUSH when I was a staffer there years ago. It worked out because it was usually something non-serious and fun (The villains need to rob a metalworks! or A robot motorcycle cop goes Maverick!) type stuff.

  • Pitcrew

    Would playing the same PC in different scenes just be like proxying (which most WoD places sanction as long as they're not exactly in two places at once, and there's some time wonkability)?

    i kind of wish that you had to disclose real PC name when doing that vs using Alts, ect. It seems to be fair to inform others you're scening with that you're dual screening. But I think there are some folks that prefer anonymity because they're Ooc/ICly hiding the activities (sometimes this is legitimate, sometimes it's kind of weird).

  • Pitcrew

    Simultaneous meaning, if there was a rational way to set the scenes so that they're really happening at different IC times, you could be multi-scening in RL with the same PC.

  • @Ide said:

    Simultaneous meaning, if there was a rational way to set the scenes so that they're really happening at different IC times, you could be multi-scening in RL with the same PC.

    This already happens fairly often, since the rigid adherence to IC +time has gone the way of the dodo in a lot of places, as RL scheduling concerns tend to be less pliable.

  • Pitcrew

    Yeah, I do this pretty regularly.

  • @Ide
    I figured that was what you meant; probably not an issue other than the logistics of the 'how' to have the character in two different scenes at the same time. Alts with a rename close to it? Since MUSH is pretty hard to be logged in at two different rooms and such.

  • +temprooms are a wonderful thing.

  • Pitcrew

    I double not irregularly. I'll just drop a totally different alt into a scene and @emit the first character with it. It's only a logistical issue if you only have one alt.

    I have a friend who we used to sometimes call the Wheel of Meg because she would literally decide on alt combos and scenarios for people who were trying to figure out what they should RP together. It was kind of hilarious, but also super awesome.

  • Pitcrew

    The log thing I agree, probably won't work. Mushers are a unique breed where if the quality of RP isn't somewhere around the same level among all players than criticism is generally unwelcome.

    Logs wouldn't work on City of Hope, because the rp there can be super terrible in the hangout scenese, but in a more insoler rp with a smaller population is might work..If you have a unique, mature, rare group of people.

    Kingsmouth did a weekly rp matching list put out by the staff and you got extra XP if you and your match managed to play. It worked out well for a bit too.

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