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  • Maaaaaaaybe a little short compared to a few (el oh el), but I'm genuinely curious to possibly find old RP buddies. These are all at least a little old and I'm not currently active anywhere.

    Dain @ The Reach
    Geoffrey @ Devilshire
    Lucas/Eddie @ Banyan Tree (and whatever came after Banyan Tree, can't remember the name.)
    Jecht @ FFMUX (a few times, in the murky past)
    ...aaaaand an oldie, Venom @ Project Infinity, briefly.

  • Pitcrew

    I can't remember who Geoffrey was, but I know I remember them existing..!

  • Oh snap! He was...in the high school group? Half-demon with visions, and basically turned into a giant iguana? I came in when things were more or less winding down at Devilshire, unfortunately.

  • Pitcrew

    Maybe I wasn't around after all. I left maybe half a year before things ended, iirc.

  • Sounds about right, timeframe-wise! I wasn't around for the actual closure either, I just mean that things had slowed down considerably, from what I gathered.

  • Jecht @ FFMUX (a few times, in the murky past)

    Just full disclosure, I played probably one of the weirder incarnations of the character, featuring the ability to briefly turn back into his final form, the ability to shoot lasers out of his eyes when angry, and a collaborative shipping of Jecht and Beatrice from FFIX, all for reasons that made sense at the time (I was a teenager). :cold_sweat:

    Never got to be SIN though.

    Anybody from that crew still around?

  • @Wizz

    Jecht x Beatrix

    link text

  • Beatrix is awesome.

    Reminds me that I briefly played Agrias on that Kingdom Hearts MU* (Edit : Which is apparently closed now.), was actually kind of fun.

    Any FF-themed games around still? Preferably ones that aren't limping along with the same 3 players that've been around for 5 years and is basically dead.

  • @Tempest
    I think that after that KH/FF game closed, and the M3-crowd FF game imploded closed, there's not much left. I think that FFXII MUCK is still up with the same six or seven people, but that's about it.