Old game WHO lists

  • I don't know if anyone will find this entertaining, but I'll share anyhow

    Shadowed Isles (circa Dec 2004)

    ----------------------> Shadowed Isles +Who Listing <----------------------
    Player Sex Alias Status Idle Location dbref

    Brendan --/OOC 1m Shadowed Isles -- OOC Lounge #7
    Anya F h-/IC 4m
    Corcoran M cor --/IC 2m Farm Cottage -- Main Room
    Damon M dam --/IC 1m Romanov Estate -- Nursery
    Wendi F Wen --/IC 23s CoA Dorm North Hall -- N102
    Cyd M cd --/IC 32s
    Athena F --/IC 1m Turrets -- Dining Room
    Raphael M rap --/IC 1m
    David M --/IC 3m CoA Dormitory -- North Hall #2292
    Njeri F wd --/OOC 2m Shadowed Isles -- Free Code Room
    Carla F --/IC 1m Dark Shadows -- Main Club
    Sharp F Irene--/IC 33s
    Steven M swf --/IC 12m Katahdin Stone Lodge -- Foyer
    Elizabeth F Liz --/AFK 1m Glass Estate -- Master Suite
    Thursday F Foxy --/IC 0s Painted Glass -- Dining Room #1263
    Lucas M luc --/OOC 13s Ironbound Island -- Abandoned Cabin
    Dawn F --/IC 1m Katahdin Stone Lodge -- Library
    Harper M --/OOC 1m Chargen -- Finishing Room
    Joey M --/IC 4m Turrets -- Emerald Suite : Bedroom #2168
    Dana F D --/IC 5m Dark Shadows -- Main Club
    Tasanne F Tas --/IC 3m Katahdin Stone Lodge -- Dining Room
    ------------------------------Connected Staff------------------------------
    Cuchulain M cu STAFF 1m Staff Nexus -- Cuchulain's Run
    Arawyn M Ara STAFF 19m Ironbound Island -- Western Shore #748
    Dormarth M Dor STAFF 1m
    Bridghet F Bri STAFF 1m Staff Nexus -- Bridghet's Forge
    Lassair F lass STAFF 6s Staff Nexus -- Construction Zone
    Branwen F B STAFF 1m
    Madb F Ma STAFF 16s
    -------------------> Shadowed Isles has 33 connections <-------------------

    Mednights (circa Feb 2002)

    Player Name On For Idle Please join the mailing list! MOTD :)
    Thunder 00:00 0s
    Magenta 00:01 2s
    Nigel 00:07 3m
    Lighter-Shade-of 00:30 2m
    Ange de la Morte 00:33 33m ThisIsWhatHappensWhenBadMeetsEvil.
    Stephen 00:34 3m
    Kristof 00:34 21m
    Melusine 00:36 1m TilTheBitterEndWhileTheEmpiresBurnDown
    Robin 00:40 5m
    Lyia 00:42 7m Every toothy grin hides an extra row of teeth
    Hana 00:42 1m
    Natalya 00:44 19m
    Star 00:52 5s Fear Me.
    RockBldr 00:59 36m
    Cody 01:00 9m
    Nikoli 01:02 58s
    Luciano 01:03 3m
    Isolde 01:06 43m I forgot to remember to forget
    Dominique 01:11 10s A Sparkle In The Mind's Eye
    Sarah 01:11 5m
    Pixie 01:12 1m
    Rain 01:12 4m
    Pascal 01:13 2m
    Aubrey 01:16 48m
    Prospero 01:31 1m
    Leander 01:34 3m AndTheBeatGoesOn
    Tessa 01:35 2m Put your faith in what you most believe in...
    Stephanie 01:39 9m PARADOX IS -THE- GOD
    Percy 00:41 19s
    Lisa 01:55 1m
    Sloane 02:22 43m
    Tamerlan 02:23 45m
    Sven 02:26 7m
    The Deuce 02:26 13m
    Miho 02:33 2m Beyond your wildest imagination...
    Rowan 02:36 2m
    Suzanne 02:41 55m Being beautiful!
    Cole 02:49 3m
    Alligator 03:01 1m
    A Large Owl 03:04 1m Shifter TP tonight! Page me :>
    Qu'an 03:04 1m
    Scar 03:29 2m
    Kyle 03:38 3m
    Gentle 03:47 1m
    Andrea 03:48 43s ahn-DRAY-uh. It's a boy's name.
    Virginie 04:05 1m
    Roland 04:12 18s I'm not good. I'm not nice. I'm just right.
    Neasa 04:15 1s
    Dantae 04:54 55s
    Air 04:55 9m
    Halle 05:34 4m I'm not a witch! They dressed me up this way!
    Kevin 06:01 25m
    Entropy 06:31 16m Pluralitas non est ponenda sine neccesitate
    Dante 07:49 2m It'sBetterToReignInHellThanServeInHeaven
    Deborah 10:08 9s
    Ian 3d 01:16 12s
    56 Players logged in, 72 record, no maximum.

  • Pitcrew

    I have a few of these (though I tended to +who so the @doing isn't there). This is the oldest one I've got, off-hand:

    Crack Mux - circa 1998

    ======================+| CrackMux Connected Players |+=====================
    Name Sex Idle | Name Sex Idle | Name Sex Idle

    Janae F 2s | Portia F 1m | Tasarla F 13m
    Cannabis F 34s | Faith F 8m | Acid M 16m
    Puzzle F 54s | Lily F 0s | Caitlynn F 38s
    Erin F 1m | Lazarus M 29s | Ash M 6s
    Jessica F 24s | Stef F 2m | Ric M 27s
    Clove F 4s | Henry DeParre M 1m | Kitten F 4m
    Taj M 1m | Ashtaroth M 51s | Judas M 4s
    Janie F 42s | Aileen F 18s | Skail M 1m
    George M 9m | Epone F 43s | Diego M 5m
    Eduard M 15m | Adrianne F 3m | Becca F 22m
    Rufus M 1m | Russell M 2m | Chases Bears M 32m
    Summer's Kiss F 19m | Inazuma M 2m | Danala F 1m
    Nightingale M 17m | Tamra F 46s | Taliahad F 4m
    Elaina F 15s | Devinne F 20m | Thomas Sulliv M 1m
    Colin M 42s | Miguel M 1m | Valium F 1m
    Addict1 - 1m | Lorne M 1m | Olivia F 2m
    Lance M 0s | Karen F 50s | Paolo M 5m
    Krell M 31s | Nadya F 1m | Special K F 16s
    Rips-The-Fles M 0s | Jiriki M 13s | Cocaine M 2m
    Wythlock M 5m | Nick M 1m |
    ====[ 5:46am ]====[ Summer Morning ]====[ 59 players connected ]===========

  • Pitcrew

    I'll throw this one on here, too:

    Due Rewards circa 2001

    +-----------(=)---------<+>--(- Due Rewards -)--<+>---------(=)-----------+<<
    Name Sex Idle Name Sex Idle Name Sex Idle

    Ganymede (P) (M) 5s Emily (em) (F) 4s Jamison (padre) (M) 28s
    Karacinda (Kara)(F) 13s Mazi (maz) (M) 32s Ethan (bc) (M) 1m
    Leona (Tiny) (F) 2s Strega (Grr) (F) 14s Douglas (maci) (M) 3m
    Ishobi (ish) (M) 17s Seth (set) (M) 48s Rhia (F) 1m
    Klavdiya (Klava)(F) 2m Amanda (Mandy) (F) 4s Chandler (Chan) (M) 5s
    Xander (Xan) (M) 35s Kattri (peace) (F) 7m Simon Fox (sfox)(M) 33s
    Julian (Jul) (M) 4m Callista (Call) (F) 4m Charity (ct) (F) 4s
    Sterling Wolf (I(M) 3m Garrik (gs) (M) 49m Rebecca (F) 2m
    Kimberly (KM) (F) 50m Felicity (fel) (F) 1m Bryce (ice) (M) 1m
    Kasha (F) 2m Brittany (miaow)(F) 39s Pehu (Pe) (M) 1m
    Arkady (Ark) (M) 3m Jose' (Chi) (M) 39s Foucault (LAFS) (M) 25m
    Andrommada (air)(F) 59s Hannah (han) (F) 0s Betsy (Lysabeth)(F) 8m
    Wolfy (Wolfgang)(F) 23s Alyssa (Aly) (F) 20s Rayne (rcd) (F) 1m
    Russell (Parker)(M) 36s Gretchen (F) 3m Horace (HtF) (M) 18s
    Thorne (TH) (M) 28s Meilei (mn) (F) 5m Elijah (Eli) (M) 7m
    Danforth (u) (M) 43s Jerry (jer) (M) 38s Devyn (DV) (M) 21s
    Rust_Wolf (Agar)(M) 3m Melissa (Missy) (F) 15m Dawson (md) (M) 46s
    Caspar (Cap) (M) 1s Celeste (Cel) (F) 25m Kimiko (Kimi) (F) 4s
    Renovich (M) 5m Jenna (jenn) (F) 48s Francis (Fran) (M) 45s
    Ivy (F) 5m Caelyn (Cae) (F) 2s Jackson (json) (M) 3m
    Kenji (Ow) (M) 50s Misu (Mis) (M) 1m Julietta (Ju) (F) 11m
    Keith (K) (M) 25s Rises-in-Glory ((M) 7m Schneider (Greg)(M) 2m
    Aliyah (Yah) (F) 8m Sundance (Sun) (F) 6s Kitty (Ket) (F) 8m
    Johnny Pidgeon ((M) 5m Charley (Bax) (M) 3s Eric (Cleaner) (M) 20s
    Nathan (Nate) (M) 41s Xavier (Xav) (M) 3s Bret (Bt) (M) 3m
    Tony (god) (M) 1m Blackadder (RAK)(M) 47m Lazaro (canoso) (M) 23m
    Inigo (Ini) (M) 4m Teegan (Tee) (M) 18s Fr. Bryant (mb) (M) 26s
    Lena (LM) (F) 56s Mort (...) (M) 3s Heinrich (he) (M) 3s
    Lianne (ll) (F) 3m
    +-----------(=)----<+>----%-( OOC Characters )-%----<+>----(=)------------+<<

    Darque (Dee) (F) 12m Alexander (lex) (M) 14s Isaac (M) 3m
    Henry (H) (M) 11m Thomas_McIver (T(M) 17m Mia (F) 40s
    Adriel (M) 38m Peren (Q) (M) 2s Kora (F) 14s
    Brock Leavenwort(M) 10m
    ------------(=)----<+>----%-( Online Staff )-%----<+>----(=)-------------+<<

    Le Quack (quack)(M) 57s Monique (mon) (F) 13m Radiskull (radi)(M) 31s
    Archdeacon Froll(M) 29m Buttercup (cup) (F) 4h Pebbles (Peb) (F) 9m
    +---------(=)----<+>----%-( 101 players online )-%----<+>----(=)----------+<<

  • Coder

    The oldest I have available is from my early experiences as Romy@HM, 6 April 2009. I'd tried a different character previously, but with no success and this was about the point where Loki introduced me to TinyFugue's autologging possibilities. This was basically when I started mushing. Nostalgia blast, go:

    ====== < Haunted Memories - OOC Nexus > ======================================
        Welcome to Vienna by Night's OOC Nexus - medieval imagery adorns all
    of the visual elements of the setting. Buildings soar heavenward,
    supported by flying buttresses, gilded when architects can afford it and
    studded by gargoyles that scare away evil spirits that are all too real.
        Austria is uneasily located at the heart of Europe, flanked by Italy,
    Germany and Switzerland on the one side and by Slovakia, the Czech
    Republic, Hungary and Slovenia on the other. It is a natural bridge
    between prosperous Brussels and impoverished Tirana, between a towering
    Germany and a cowering Serbia, between the Balkans and the central
    Europe. In its former incarnation as the Habsburg Empire, Austria ruled
    all these regions.
        Vienna is a city forever moving, changing place, changing form; where
    everything is possible, where your strength will be tested, either in
    imposing your will, or in surviving that of others.
    ------ < Players > -----------------------------------------------------------
    Romy                 A tall, rugged staff leaning on a small woman.      0s
    Asija                Violet eyes, late teens, slender female, 5ft. 6in.  9m
    Rurik                Tall male with long black hair.                    58s
    Guest2                                                                   1m
    Adam                 Dark Hair, Dark-Eyes, Male, Athletic                1m
    Martin               A tall young man with a black fedora.               2h
    Jakob                5'8" male with simple clothes.                      2h
    Luftar               A scruffy tough in a camo jacket.                  24s
    Allison              A slim, expressive redhead.                        20m
    Sasha                Friendly blonde in her mid 20s, dressed casually    1h
    Sabine               A young, blonde, blue eyed woman.                   1s
    Maksim               A handsome, clean-cut Russian man in his 30s.       7m
    Wilhelm              Handsome, urbane redheaded man                     28m
    Angelika             Dark hair, pale blue eyes early twenties.          56s
    Florian              Lean, dark haired and pale eyed man                 2m
    ------ < Objects > -----------------------------------------------------------
    Magic 8-Ball
    README: Welcome to Rhost!
    ------ < Exits > -------------------------------------------------------------
    Build Nexus <BN>          CharGen <CG>              Quiet Room <QR>
    Staff Nexus <SN>          IC Roleplay Rooms <RR>    Rhost Setup Room <RSR>
    Vienna <IC>               Free Code Room <FCR>
    You say "Periscope up!"
    Sasha raises the periscope.
    Florian says "Crazy kids. ;)"
    You say "Hehehehe."
    =========================< Haunted Memories -- +WHO >=========================
    Name             Alias  Sex  Idle   Location          Status
    Charlotte        Fox    (F)  0s                       <IC>
    Maksim                  (M)  2m     Haunted Memories  <OOC>
    Daniela          Dani   (F)  14m    Apartment 302     <IC>
    Wilhelm          Wil    (M)  31m    Haunted Memories  <OOC>
    Alexander        alr    (M)  5m     St. Stephan Squar <IC>
    Juergen          JM     (M)  1h     Wiedner Guertel   <IC>
    Florian          fl     (M)  2m     Haunted Memories  <OOC>
    Lorelei          Lor    (F)  23s    Quiet Room        <OOC>
    Guest2           G2     (?)  1m     Haunted Memories  <OOC>
    Ernst            Er     (M)  18m    Rear Grounds      <IC>
    Isolde           is     (F)  10s                      <IC>
    Leka             Lek    (F)  1h     Rear Grounds      <IC>
    Angelika         Angie  (F)  6s     Haunted Memories  <OOC>
    King             AJ     (M)  9m                       <IC>
    Poke                    (F)  1h     Foyer             <IC>
    Thirteen         13     (M)  30s                      <IC>
    Iskander                (M)  2m     Roleplay Room One <IC>
    Arne                    (M)  5m     Arcade Crypts     <IC>
    Zoge             zo     (F)  2h     Tenement 505      <IC>
    Vigholf          Vig    (M)  36s                      <IC>
    Jeder            ne1    (M)  19s    The Sand          <IC>
    Sutter                  (M)  0s     Pool Hall         <IC>
    Mobius                  (M)  1h                       <IC>
    Marco            Sol    (M)  2m                       <IC>
    Amaranth         X      (F)  1m     The Sand          <IC>
    Ballard                 (M)  2h     Quiet Room        <OOC>
    Asija            Sin    (F)  2m     Haunted Memories  <OOC>
    Allison                 (F)  23m    Haunted Memories  <OOC>
    Sabine           Sab    (F)  23s    Haunted Memories  <OOC>
    Caleb-Torpor     cal    (M)  1m                       <OOC>
    Carli                   (F)  38s    Pool Hall         <IC>
    Elias                   (M)  2m     Roleplay Room One <IC>
    Aslan                   (M)  13s    Cafe Aida         <IC>
    Maclemus         mac    (M)  4m                       <IC>
    Elise            June   (F)  1h     Private Apartment <IC>
    Adam             God    (M)  40s    Haunted Memories  <OOC>
    Luftar                  (M)  0s     Haunted Memories  <OOC>
    Berchta          Berch  (F)  0s     Courtenay Room    <IC>
    Ludwig           Wig    (M)  0s     Southern Bedroom  <IC>
    Leonhard         Leo    (M)  19m                      <IC>
    Rurik                   (M)  36s    Haunted Memories  <OOC>
    Romy                    (F)  0s     Haunted Memories  <OOC>
    Beah             B      (F)  4h     CharGen           <OOC>
    Xhevahire        xh     (F)  5s     Master Bedroom    <IC>
    Sieghilde        sigi   (F)  5s     Western Bedroom   <IC>
    Seshet           Sesh   (F)  5s                       <IC>
    Malkleth                (M)  1h     Quiet Room        <OOC>
    Luftar                  (M)  9h     Haunted Memories  <OOC>
    Tea              T      (F)  2m     Westbahnhof Railw <IC>
    Ludwig           Wig    (M)  8h     Southern Bedroom  <IC>
    Martin           Marty  (M)  2h     Haunted Memories  <OOC>
    Natalya          Nat    (F)  2m     Cafe Aida         <IC>
    Natalia          Naty   (F)  53s    Quiet Room        <OOC>
    Bastien          Bas    (M)  18m    Flat Two          <IC>
    Jakob                   (M)  3m     Haunted Memories  <OOC>
    Leyna            Ley    (F)  26s                      <IC>
    Castor           C      (M)  13m                      <IC>
    Kai                     (M)  13m                      <IC>
    Sasha            Rose   (F)  2m     Haunted Memories  <OOC>
    DasPapier               (M)  1m     Apartment 307     <IC>
    Tia              taz    (F)  9m     Chargen           <OOC>
    Renata                  (F)  10m                      <IC>
    Oriana           ria    (F)  2m     Apartment 400     <IC>
    Ludwig           Wig    (M)  8h     Southern Bedroom  <IC>
    Jonathan         Sophi  (M)  1h                       <IC>
    Jacqueline       Jac    (F)  5m     Second Bedroom    <IC>
    Berchta          Berch  (F)  8h     Courtenay Room    <IC>
    Sonja            So     (F)  8m     Northern Bedroom  <IC>
    Lumi             Lu     (F)  3m     Quiet Room        <OOC>
    ------ < Staff > -------------------------------------------------------------
    AQ                      (M)  10s    The War Room      around
    Alberich                (M)  21m    Nibelungenhohle   ON-DUTY
    Paprika          Rika   (?)  1h     Spice Rack        ON-DUTY
    Maebh            Mae    (?)  11m                      oN-dUTY
    Ridcully         UU     (M)  21m    Supernal Realms   ON-DUTY
    Cetan            Ct     (?)  37s    The Hawk's Nest   ON-DUTY
    Mephistopheles   Mef    (M)  13m                      OFF-DUTY
    Koi              fishi  (F)  2h     Koi Pond          ON-DUTY
    Operetta         Op     (F)  4s                       ON-DUTY
    Circe            witch  (F)  3m     Aeaea             OFF-DUTY
    Loki             L      (M)  31m    Supernal Realms   AWAY
    Ousia            O      (F)  25m    Supernal Realms   ON-DUTY
    69 players logged in. 12 staff logged in.
    0 dark staff logged in. 142 record.

  • Coder

    Okay, here's another one that someone might find entertaining. It's not that old, but... definitely shows how things grow.

    From log/tr-coventry/2010-06-23.log:

    Welcome to the Reach
      "connect <name> <password>" connects you to an existing character.
      Non-staff logins are currently disabled. We are in development.
      "WHO" tells you who is logged in to the game (case sensitive).
      "QUIT" exits the game and saves your character.
      Once logged on, "help" gives help on specific commands, functions, and
      special topics.  Other 'help' commands include "+help" and "news".
    Either that player does not exist, or has a different password.
    **** 1 failed connect since your last successful connect. ****
    Most recent attempt was from on Wed Jun 23 15:19:59.004934 2010.
    MAIL: You have no mail.
    The Reach - OOC Nexus
        The Reach is a New World of Darkness (nWoD) game set in the fictional
    county of Dunlin's Reach. It takes place between two towns that are
    separated by a swath of ocean; the mainland town, Aleswich, is the
    economical and industry-driven capital of Dunlin's Reach, with the town of
    Dunlin's Port being a rich, indulgent tourist town with a dark past.
        We offer PCs in Vampire: the Requiem, Changeling: the Lost, Werewolf:
    the Forsaken, Hunter: The Vigil, Mage: the Awakening, Geist: the
    Sin-Eaters and a variety of Mortal+ 'Sighted' characters from Second
    Sight, World of Darkness: Immortals, World of Darkness: Inferno and the
    Book of Spirits to just name a few. This is the OOC room where players can
    kick back, relax and rest up to talk about dodging those crazy Great Old
        Because if there's anything we hate about Dunlin's Reach, it's all the
    goddamn Elder Gods.
    Obvious exits:
    IC <IC>  Building Nexus <BN>  Staff Nexus <SN>

    Yes indeed, The Reach. Check out how clean (okay, unused) the job board was:

    =====================================================| Anomaly Jobs v6.0 |=====================================================
    *  Job# Type  Title                                                                          Due On   Assigned To      Status
    *    48 EVENT Test                                                                           -------- Roanoke            NEW
    *    49 EVENT Second Test                                                                    -------- -                  NEW
    *    50 EVENT Test2                                                                          -------- Roanoke            NEW
    ==================================================| * Denotes New Activity |===================================================

    And how completely different the set of staffers were :(

    Password changed.
    <StaffOOC> Coventry has joined this channel.
    Channel StaffOOC added with alias so.
    <StaffOOC> Sverdlovsk says, "Welcome Coventry"
    Santiago pages: There you go. ;)
    <StaffOOC> Gomorrah says, "We need some damn help files. HEY Coventry!"
    <StaffOOC> Coventry says, "Hiii!"
    <StaffOOC> Gomorrah says, "FIX EVERYTHING"
    <StaffOOC> Coventry sets up a veterinary office.
    -- Players --
    -- Objects --
    -- StaffOOC --

    And here we are, the WHO and +who.

    Player Name        On For Idle  Doing
    Coventry             0:03   0s
    Sverdlovsk           0:52   1m
    Gomorrah             1:04  15s
    Santiago             1:08   1m
    Chernobyl       32d 02:16  45m
    5 Players logged in, 15 record, no maximum.
    -----------------------------------| +who |------------------------------------
    * #-1 NOT FOUND  #-1 NO Neuter  0s  0s * Unfindable *
    * #-1 NOT FOUND  #-1 NO Neuter  0s  0s * Unfindable *
    * #-1 NOT FOUND  #-1 NO Neuter  0s  0s * Unfindable *
    ---------------------------------------------------------------------| 3 / 15 |
    Alias           Channel            Status   Title
    pub             Public             on  con
    so              StaffOOC           on  con
    -- End of comlist --
    =====================================================| Anomaly Jobs v6.0 |=====================================================
    *  Job# Title                                                                                Due On   Assigned To      Status
    ==================================================| * Denotes New Activity |===================================================
       Group Name                    Last Post      # of messages
     1  -  Job Tracker                   Mon May 10            5 U
     3     Changeling                    Mon Feb 22            0
     4     Hunter                        Mon Feb 22            0
     5     Geist                         Mon Feb 22            0
     6     Mage                          Mon Feb 22            0
     7     Were                          Mon Feb 22            0
     8     Sighted                       Mon Feb 22            0
     9     Mortal                        Mon Feb 22            0
    10     Vampire                       Mon Feb 22            0
    11     OOC: Discussion               Sat May 22            1 U
    12     ElseMU* Advertisements        Mon Feb 22            0
    13     Wanted Concepts               Mon Feb 22            0
    14     Announcements                 Mon Feb 22            0
    15     PrP Requests                  Mon Feb 22            1 U
    16     Events                        Sat Apr 10            0
    '*' = restricted     '-' = read only     '(-)' = read only, but you can write
    That name is already in use.
    Alias set.
    <StaffOOC> Gomorrah says, "The #s on the map (job 55) are the room's dbf#"

    ...I really do miss Gomorrah. I think she tried to poke me about a game on WORA before it flopped, but I couldn't get in to reply and... yeah. I don't do that anymore anyway. But where-ever you are, hope things are well.

  • Pitcrew

    @Chime As far as I know, she's still around and doing quite well, though I'm pretty sure she's not mushing right now. Last time we chatted though, she was good.

  • @2mspris said:

    I have a few of these (though I tended to +who so the @doing isn't there). This is the oldest one I've got, off-hand:

    Crack Mux - circa 1998

    ======================+| CrackMux Connected Players |+=====================
    Name Sex Idle | Name Sex Idle | Name Sex Idle

    Janae F 2s | Portia F 1m | Tasarla F 13m
    Cannabis F 34s | Faith F 8m | Acid M 16m
    Puzzle F 54s | Lily F 0s | Caitlynn F 38s
    Erin F 1m | Lazarus M 29s | Ash M 6s
    Jessica F 24s | Stef F 2m | Ric M 27s
    Clove F 4s | Henry DeParre M 1m | Kitten F 4m
    Taj M 1m | Ashtaroth M 51s | Judas M 4s
    Janie F 42s | Aileen F 18s | Skail M 1m
    George M 9m | Epone F 43s | Diego M 5m
    Eduard M 15m | Adrianne F 3m | Becca F 22m
    Rufus M 1m | Russell M 2m | Chases Bears M 32m
    Summer's Kiss F 19m | Inazuma M 2m | Danala F 1m
    Nightingale M 17m | Tamra F 46s | Taliahad F 4m
    Elaina F 15s | Devinne F 20m | Thomas Sulliv M 1m
    Colin M 42s | Miguel M 1m | Valium F 1m
    Addict1 - 1m | Lorne M 1m | Olivia F 2m
    Lance M 0s | Karen F 50s | Paolo M 5m
    Krell M 31s | Nadya F 1m | Special K F 16s
    Rips-The-Fles M 0s | Jiriki M 13s | Cocaine M 2m
    Wythlock M 5m | Nick M 1m |
    ====[ 5:46am ]====[ Summer Morning ]====[ 59 players connected ]===========

    I miss those guys, especially cocaine and Special K!

  • Pitcrew

    I guess now that TF2k5 qualifies as an "old game":

    www.tf2005.net - Thursday, July 13, 2006, 4:46 PM

    ============================[ Transformers: 2005 ]============================
    Name Type Faction Function On/Idle

    OOC Sunder TF Decepticon TRACKER/TERMINATOR 5s/ 0s
    OOC Chimera TF Decepticon WARRIOR/SNIPER 1m/50s
    OOC Colossus TF Autobot HEAVY GROUND ASSAULT 9m/ 8m
    IC Skids TF Autobot THEORETICIAN 13m/ 1m
    OOC *Strife TF Decepticon AERIAL ASSAULT 15m/ 1s
    IC Zachary Foxx HUM Terran AEROSPACE COMMANDER 19m/39s
    IC Mute TF Autobot ACOUSTIC CONTROL 20m/39s
    OOC Astracius QUINT Quintesson QUINTESSON COMMANDER 20m/39s
    IC Vortex TF Decepticon INTERROGATION 22m/ 2m
    IC Fusillade TF Decepticon TACTICAL BOMBER 27m/56s
    IC Hun-Grrr TF Decepticon TERRORCON COMMANDER 28m/ 3m
    OOC Symphony TF Decepticon BLACK OPERATIONS 35m/14s
    OOC Long Haul TF Decepticon HEAVY TRANSPORT 46m/ 6m
    IC Ramjet TF Decepticon WARRIOR 49m/28m
    IC Scattershot TF Autobot TECHNOBOT COMMANDER 49m/27m
    IC Catechism TF Decepticon AIR WARRIOR 58m/ 1m
    IC Tantrum TF Decepticon FUELER 1h/ 5m
    IC Bandit TF Decepticon AIR WARRIOR 1h/ 7m
    IC Bonecrusher TF Decepticon DEMOLITIONS 1h/ 1m
    IC Fleet TF Decepticon WARRIOR 3h/ 4m
    OOC Geist TF Decepticon TRACKER/TERMINATOR 3h/25m
    IC Foxfire TF Autobot SABOTEUR 4h/16s
    IC *Airwolf TF Decepticon ENGINEER 11h/ 2s
    OOC *Recoil TF Decepticon WARRIOR 12h/ 1m
    OOC Breakneck TF Decepticon HIGHSPEED PURSUIT 1d/22m
    OOC Omega Supreme TF Autobot DEFENSE BASE 9d/ 1d

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        ============================[ 27 Players Online ]=============================

  • A blast from the past (Hell MUSH, 15.07.2000) :

    Player Name On For Idle Doing
    Estevan 00:13 1m
    Kronos 00:22 2m Wanted: Vassals and Soldiers.
    Misr 00:55 41m Flesh formed of clay
    Melisande 00:56 3m Please don't eat the messenger.
    Chevet 01:03 1m Then why do these tears come at night?
    Levistus 01:03 42s
    Chemos 01:17 0s Sex God. Pray, my beloved.
    Mahuya 01:19 7m Probably work-idle.
    Etarek 01:22 1s
    Naughty 02:25 11m Wiz: Code only.
    Naamah 03:04 20m
    Zen 04:33 40m Wiz: Page me for everything.
    Wildchild 07:27 7h Grrrrrrr.... snarl
    Hela 07:32 7h Feeling Down? Head South!
    Fate 2d 04:17 2d
    Naughty 3d 23:03 13h Wiz: Code only.
    Sariel 4d 01:16 1h Losing my religon.
    17 Players logged in, 61 record, no maximum.


  • Pitcrew

    Thread necromancy time! This is the oldest WHO that I could find looking through logs I still have, from the Exalted game Tales of the River Provence on 2006-04-28:

    -=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--<* +Who *>-=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--
    Name                          Sex Idle Con Location
    Cathak Raziel (Raz)........... M . 2m  22h Greyfalls: The Cicada's Cry 
    V'neef Kisana (Ki)............ F . 1m  46m Greyfalls: The Cicada's Cry 
    Kae Lao (KL).................. F  30s . 1h Greyfalls: Dirty Dick's 
    Gendai ....................... M . 1m . 1h Abstract OOC Space 
    Deep (d)...................... M  34m . 3h Abstract OOC Space 
    Ragara Calel Febra (febra).... M . 6m . 4h Abstract OOC Space 
    Shalrina (Shal)............... F . 0s . 5h Greyfalls: Dirty Dick's 
    Jade Falcon (JF).............. F . 5m  16m Abstract OOC Space

  • Pitcrew

    AmberMUSH, July 1994:

    Player Name On For Idle Doing
    Breck 00:00 6s
    Quentin 00:00 12s
    Bane 00:00 26s
    School_bldr 00:03 53s School Sorcery&Conjuration-New London
    Mark 00:04 4m
    Mysteria 00:04 13s
    McCormick 00:05 5m
    Mercedes 00:08 2m
    Izzy 00:09 39s
    MT_bldr 00:10 10m Building Magitech...
    Niccolo 00:10 1m
    Daneel 00:12 7m
    Forto 00:13 7m
    Sterling 00:13 7m
    Eldrik 00:13 7m
    Megan 00:14 7m These are mine, the choices I made.
    Rand 00:14 7m
    Yoake 00:12 38s being cute
    Elizabeth 00:15 7m
    Anna 00:17 16m
    Alicia 00:17 7m
    Eponral 00:23 11m
    Salia 00:24 8m
    Damen 00:26 7m
    Simon 00:27 7m
    Alydrin 00:27 9s
    Cameron_bldr 00:28 13m
    Cecilia 00:29 21s
    Aaron 00:29 27m
    Cameron 00:31 22m Forgiveness is easier than permission
    Siegurd 00:34 10s
    Tuero 00:36 7m Let's play, Master and Servant.
    Caellwyn 00:36 21m
    Danyea 00:37 7m
    The_Dominator 00:38 41s Seeking World Domination
    Cymbre 00:39 6m
    Agamemnon 00:39 11m
    Santino 00:39 2m
    Arawn 00:39 12m
    Liann 00:40 5m Push the button, Frank.
    Talia 00:41 7m
    Harper 00:41 1m
    Castle_Rondoval 00:45 11m
    Moire 00:50 7m
    Nathan 00:49 30m
    Janier 00:51 4m
    Peregrin 00:51 1m
    Alrya 00:53 7m
    Usagi 00:53 7m
    Sachi 00:54 3s
    Daevros 00:56 16m Concerto for violin and steel.
    Caladan 00:58 1m
    Jessamy 01:01 1s
    Mandor 01:02 12s
    Andrea 01:02 3s
    Alita 01:04 1m
    Cassea 01:05 5m
    Caligari 01:06 22m smart patrol
    Jesamine_bldr 01:19 26s
    Stefan 01:19 7m A Matter of Trust.
    Fintan 01:19 3m
    Roxann 01:20 7m
    Mia'de 01:20 7m
    Siegurd 01:31 40m
    Darian 01:31 3s Laaaaagggggggiiiinnng like a dog.
    Iris 01:42 5m "On Earth naught am I but a guest"-Bach
    Shevaun 01:43 13s
    Telice 01:43 8m Enjoying the view.
    Marvin 01:45 7m
    Detree 01:46 7m
    Alita 01:53 8m
    Lucretia 01:55 18m
    Caris 02:05 5m -=> ThunderChilde <=-
    Melina 02:05 7m
    Jynx 02:06 4m Huh?
    Rick 02:07 8m
    Alain 02:11 8m
    Jasia 02:27 4m
    Judas 02:35 5m
    Sarah 02:41 10m Daydreaming, the stuff of.....
    Sabrina 02:43 10s
    Nathan 03:00 1h
    Darkwalker 03:15 10m
    Chotiari 03:13 8m
    Finndo 03:20 1m
    Evelyn 03:54 1m
    Archer 04:04 1m
    Silvinus 04:14 3s
    Adric 05:30 2m
    89 Players logged in.

  • Coder

    @2mspris LOL One of my characters was on that CrackMUX list.

    I also played on med and shadowed for a while too.

    @Autumn so many feels from that Ambermush list...

  • Admin

    This is from A Moment in Tyme circa... probably 1997ish. It only shows the White Tower people on at the time since I couldn't find a fuller one in my logs - I guess I wasn't spamming myself with the whole thing back then. :)

    < 3519H 2809M 1094V ><0><85>100/100(s) (hu) (th)(doing) >
    who -t

    Shalayne Aldiere
    Jakob Malben [WardersDoItInBondage]
    Cadwin {Seravin}
    Eilin Feyth [Farmer|Pranky]
    Vallara Rathian [Narsil][Mashiara]
    {Aes Sedai Leader} Karlia is braving the onslaught.
    Kaigenrei NotBondingUntilTheresATealAjah
    Elphaba - Hey pig...yeah, you..
    {Warder Leader} Rinan De'Lin [Decepticon]
    (RP) Touron is back for good
    (RP) Jezz dae'Jaeyen seeks Toriko
    Bretta Vanley (afk)
    Joven I'm OOC. Lemme alone.
    {Aes Sedai Leader} Lindria Del'vere [Aes Sedai][Red Ajah]
    Jamis Halsyth
    Valaur Brys Trensieni [Manshima]
    (RP) Narsil Grimm [Vallara][Gaidin]
    Kinmourn "InThisTogetherWeAreNow"
    Svoran is OOCoocOOCooc
    Sanyth [read my description]
    Melkoloran [Elphaba] [Shady Milkman] (afk)

    23 characters displayed. 73 characters maximum online since last reboot

  • Politics

    I would be the "Ganymede" appearing on that Due Rewards list. Amusement factor, high.

  • Pitcrew

    Hm. Seems I'm up there twice - Cody at Mednights, Thorne at Due Rewards; seems to have missed me on SI, though - was Iain there.

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