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    My memory is shit so I will update this as I recall them.

    If there was a character with either a day of the week as a name or a month it may have been me depending on where.

    I also help wiki staff places.

    Note: I am currently between homes and have been since Valentine's Day when I received a 24 hour eviction notice. Fun times! (Dripping in sarcasm) And sadly the motel I am staying is has the worst wifi I have ever dealt with. I only now figured out I could tether through my phone with an app that helps hide I am doing that so yay! This means that i can sometimes rp now! However it means I have to try and schedule it more so and may not be able to keep it depending on other random things RL loves to through in my direction. If you know me on my currents and want to poke me to rp, feel free to respond on here or send me a message so we can try to arrange something. Thank you.

    Past Games:
    Serenity: Faye, Kizzy, Velvet
    COH: Too many to list, if curious PM and ask.
    Fallcoast: Too many to list, if curious PM and ask.
    Arx: Lili, Emeline, Lucene, Ariel (The 1st one), Zalika
    Dark Spires: I can't remember easily who.
    Tenebrous Isles (probably misspelled): I can't remember all that easily sadly
    The Eighth Sea: Bijou (I made her and then never really scened with her)
    The Mortal Coil: I can't remember
    Nightfall: Angie, Cherry, and many others
    The Reach: Ember Flames, Yolandi, Bijou Cross, Prudence DeLaVinci, Mimi, and I am missing one....
    Stranger Than Fiction: Shelby and Gosling
    Fate's Harvest: Angelica
    NOLA: Kitty and many others I can't remember the names of
    Fear and Loathing: Valentina and Adele
    Fallen World: I can't remember!
    Reno 2.0 Rose, Moonbeam, Starlight (I think),
    Also have played on a few Star Wars mus but I can't recall their names or the ones I went by either. (I think I went by Zenon on one of them but I don't remember my alt and I think it was AoA or DoD but I can't remember! >.<
    Fifth Kingdom: I want to say Celeste, Nora, and Rubeline but I may be mixing it up with another Lord and Ladies game I played.
    Tales of the Round: I can't even remember who I played there.
    Also there was this West World mu I played on for a flash of a minute but I don't remember the character name I used.

    Arx: Sasha
    Sheltering Skies: Bliss, Lily, Chloe
    Fallcoast: Justice, Holly, Kitara, July
    From The Ashes: Monday
    Descent: Murder (Staffbit for Wiki)
    Serenity: Jolene
    Fate's Harvest: Belladona
    Reno 3.0: Unsure of name but something coming wolfblooded.

    (I am sure I didn't cover them all!!)

    Updated on: 03/26/18

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    And updated (again)

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    @bloodymurder Hey Sasha@Arx! Good to see you. It's Derovai here. We need to catch up at some point; grab me on-game whenever you get a chance.

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    Updated again

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    I didn't say before, but I really enjoyed the limited RP we had on Fifth Kingdom; I played Daithi.

    Also, I'll see you on the Descent as Templeton.

    And Fate's Harvest, as Belladona.

    Oh! And on Reno 3.0 as Galina. (Although that might change.)

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    @bloodymurder said in BloodyMurder's Playlist:

    My memory is shit so I will update this as I recall them.

    Past Games:
    Dark Spires: I can't remember easily who.

    I am now avid with curiousity as to who...

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    @ganymede I enjoyed rping there with you too! And I look forward to rping with you again. Hopefully things will level out for me soon.

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    @jinshei On Dark Spires I know one of my alts was Hera but I can't remember the names of the others. I know one was a Goth girl I probably named Monday or Wednesday with the play by of Wylona Hayashi (Who I am no longer going to be using for my PB of gothic girlie) And I had a shapeshifter. If the wiki was still up I could easily say the names of the others.


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