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  • My memory is shit so I will update this as I recall them.

    If there was a character with either a day of the week as a name or a month it may have been me depending on where.

    I also help wiki staff places.

    Past Games:
    Serenity: Faye, Kizzy, Velvet
    COH: Too many to list, if curious PM and ask.
    Fallcoast: Too many to list, if curious PM and ask.
    Arx: Lili, Emeline, Lucene, Ariel (The 1st one)
    Dark Spires: I can't remember easily who.
    Tenebrous Isles (probably misspelled): I can't remember all that easily sadly
    The Eighth Sea: Bijou (I made her and then never really scened with her)
    The Mortal Coil: I can't remember
    Nightfall: Angie, Cherry, and many others
    The Reach: Ember Flames, Yolandi, Bijou Cross, Prudence DeLaVinci, Mimi, and I am missing one....
    Stranger Than Fiction: Shelby and Gosling
    Fate's Harvest: Angelica
    NOLA: Kitty and many others I can't remember the names of
    Fear and Loathing: Valentina and Adele
    Fallen World: I can't remember!
    Reno 2.0 Rose, Moonbeam, and I can't remember the others
    Also have played on a few Star Wars mus but I can't recall their names or the ones I went by either.
    Fifth Kingdom: I want to say Celeste, Nora, and Rubeline but I may be mixing it up with another Lord and Ladies game I played.
    Tales of the Round: I can't even remember who I played there.

    In Limbo while RL is unpolitely screwing me (current):
    Arx: Sasha, Zalika
    Sheltering Skies: Bliss, Lily, Chloe
    Fallcoast: Justice, Holly, Kitara, July
    From The Ashes: Monday
    Private Server: Angie, Ginger, Sophia
    Descent: Murder (Staffbit for Wiki) also Bonnie
    Serenity: Jolene

    (I am sure I didn't cover them all!!)

  • And updated (again)

  • Pitcrew

    @bloodymurder Hey Sasha@Arx! Good to see you. It's Derovai here. We need to catch up at some point; grab me on-game whenever you get a chance.

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