The Opposite of Cool

  • Coder

    So Lolth shared me this lovely link earlier. I didn't have time to read it all the way through to the comments so I didn't understand it at first, but then I did, and I did, and holy smokes.

    Stephanie Dray, recently of Firan, lols at slavery in the modern era.

    Enjoy your daily dose of what-the-fuck.

    (edit: She does apologize, but who here is nodding with, "yeah, that sounds like her"? The comments below her mea-culpa are also worth reading.)

  • That's just a whole pile of reasons why I'm glad I never got involve with twitter. Dray's a crazy bitch, but fuck those people.

  • ... somehow, I'm okay with not really doing much with twitter. I wish I could be shocked that she sounds like an awful person.

  • I don't really know my thoughts on this crazy. I mean she and Adam did make Firan which had a strong rape and slavery element. So, it is unsurprising she would make a tasteless joke like that. I'll totally grant that she did good to apologize. The sincerity of that is not what I know because I only know the Firan her.


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