Shadowrun Denver: December Fallout

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      Shadowrun: Denver runs on the Shadowrun 3rd Edition ruleset         

    The following is an advertisement for an upcoming game event and general invite to Shadowrun: Denver.

    The corporations who dominate and control Denver in all but name remain wary after the city's credit rating degraded at the start of the year, making the official position of Denver as the neutral ground between the four nations that now dominate the former USA more precarious than ever before.

    The media turn negative towards the police forces of the UCAS and CAS nations as their brutality is highlighted in a series of exposes (powered by player actions). The Chief of Lone Star Denver eats his own pistol barrel and is quickly replaced. Mollifying speeches are given about a correction of the abuses, but on the streets the police initiate a crackdown. Meanwhile the Denver shadowscenes bond credit rating remains a B+, investment grade speculative: what was previously considered a sure thing, is considered a buyer beware trade at your own risk situation.

    Warrens Sealed: All border crossings into and out of the Warrens are sealed, cutting off a major lifeline for the Warrens in SINless labour nuyen they now cannot earn. Any logs involving Warrens border crossings should be demonstrated to suffer increased surveillance and difficulties in the crossing.

    UCAS/CAS Crackdown: Lone Star and Knight Errant step up police presence on the streets to 'reassure' the SINners. Plots in either sector should demonstrate heightened police presence and all border SIN checks are +1 rating over normal.

    Manhunt!: A group of runners are wanted for questioning following a high profile downtown attack on Mafia Don Derek Simpson, of the Ratto Family. Someone failed to scrub the camera feed! Dubbed "The Thanksgiving Massacre", Lone Star and the Denver Mafia vie in the shadows for apprehending the culprits.

      Shadowrun: Denver runs on the Shadowrun 3rd Edition ruleset         

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    This post is deleted!

  • I have not played on Denver for a while, but I recall the excellently coded but immensely complex character generation being combined with the fact that, it being Shadowrun 3e, it is very possible to make two characters with similar concepts and skillsets where one is infinitely more capable than another.

    Combine this with a 'linear chargen, exponential xp costs' system where you will only get approved if you do not take 'too many' skills and attributes at high levels, so you have an invisible barrier you are strongly punished for not sneaking under as closely as possible.

    Just not a fun time unless you are really into number crunching and trawling through myriad random supplement books for the best gear/powers/skills in combination then get an existing experienced player to help talk you through their implementation on the game. I basically recall going on one 'run' with three characters all pretty much fresh out of chargen, combat started, the 'social' person in the group immediately killed all of the enemies in one combat round with precise headshots whilst the combatants struggled mostly uselessly since they forgot the right combination of initiative boosters/smartlinks/dicotte/whatever.

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    @brunocerous Hey - Whens the last time you logged on? Also, I'm not an ages-old MU*er, I've been playing for only a few short years and have had a great time. My PC was a single page background.

    If this has anything to do with Custodious/Vulcan era, jesus christ people let it the fuck go.

    Everyone's incredibly friendly on there, but hey, thanks for the passive aggressive comment! Go kick rocks.

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    I can't help you, I"m not into min-maxing, but there's plenty of people who do. There's a few heroic level players with uber karma pools, I grant you that. GM's can place limit on that if they wish.

    ANYWAY - Believe it or not there's stuff going on here regularly. Please don't feed the sadness vortex.

  • @brunocerous said in Shadowrun Denver: December Fallout:

    the blessedly patient players who were on when I had questions.

    There's one player who just hangs out in CG(or used to), and building decent sheets is their jam. They got me through it, all I had to do was tell them what I wanted, and they did their thing, and ten minutes later, I had a great sheet that I never would have arrived at in a year of scratching my head at that poorly laid out 3rd ed book.

    I know how you feel, but many of the players there are pretty friendly grognards.

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