Shelbeast's Wanted List

  • So, I'm looking for a few things, so i kinda figured why not put a thing on here? Maybe i should put this in the Advertisement boards, but it's not for any one game.


    I'm looking for more vamp sphere folks. Currently the sphere is in a stage of revitalization, but I want to help ensure that ball keeps rolling. The more the merrier. A particular squee if you make a Crone blood sorcerer! Hit me up on Ryuhei to talk about that.

    I'm also looking for Non-Gang affiliated Geist people to hang with. I recently made a Geist character, but the Kings dominate the sphere. It's not a bad thing. They seem like cool enough folks. It's just not a theme I'm interested in playing in, due to real life history issues. Hit me up as Ezra to talk about this.

    Match of the Millenium

    On here, I play Guy. So far, the folks have been super cool and friendly, but I seem to be having a bit of an issue getting RP. I'd like to get more characters on there that i can play off of, so a particular focus on Final Fight/Street Fighter characters, such as Rolento, Zeku, Katana/Sodom, Poison, and others. Outside of that, ninja-y type characters from any of the available themes are a-okay, too!

    I'm not going to go on too much in this post, or anything. I swear i'm fun to play with, and all, and if you're even a smidge interested in any of this, just reach out and we can talk more in depth.


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