Wicked @ UH/UHM

  • I kind of know she had an account here for the UH thread but I dunno if that was, like, a throw-away thing and she's got another one or maybe her husband has an account? but either way I seriously liked her and I'd love to get back in touch with her

  • @prototart We have a Wicked on Marvel: 1963. I've literally never seen that character played before. Maybe it's the same player. You're welcome to log on and page her to ask.

  • @tnp Nope. Two different players!

  • I did end up making a char on '63 earlier today after I talked to Theorem about the Fairchild thing - it was seeing Wicked there that made me think to ask, and yeah definitely not the same player Wicked@UH told me she, like, always uses the same PB and Wicked 63's is somebody different


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