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    So take the first thread as a general discussion thread and this one as a more narrow, focused discussion on an actual game possibility. These are the ideas I've cobbled together from the other thread. Note these points are very summarized. Let's she how she feels...

    Theme: A custom in-house x-continuity that blends Utopia and Necrosha. Someone gains unlimited power and resurrects all the dead mutants. They go to San Francisco to great a safe haven for mutants.

    Timeline: Staff would create a timeline of events that make up the game history. May also list a number of events that have not happened. Anything not listed in one or the other can be discussed as needed.

    Setting: San Francisco.

    Available Characters: Every reasonably powered mutant who ever lived. Staff would create a +roster of available characters divided into tiers, players can have one alt per tier. Non-X characters exist in the world but are not appable and will only be seen in TPs and global events.

    System: Marvel Heroic RPG would be used for basic +sheets that give people an "at a glance" view of a character. A +Dice system would exist but would be optional or used in instances when some things just can't be decided on.

    Code Base: TinyMUX because that's what I know how to code.

    Does this sound like a good jumping off point? I kinda dig it.

    And again, these are all just very briefly summarized from things I grabbed from the other thread. Obviously nothing is set in stone, just looking to narrow the discussion a bit.

  • I dig it. Consider me on the help list.

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  • @ghost said in X-Men Utopia MUX:

    I dig it. Consider me on the help list.

    alt text

  • I have absolutely no experience with coding, my knowledge of Marvel is sparse at best, and when the stuff starts flying I start screaming in panic and running around like my hair's on fire. So there's not a lot of help I can give on the administrative side of things.

    However I think this is a wonderful idea, and would love to see it happen.

  • Pitcrew

    I'd fux with it.

  • Pitcrew

    I would like to help if possible!

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    @ZombieGenesis Would we need to know everything that happened to our character leading up to and during the Utopia/Necrosha storylines? How much of the storyline do we need to know and the characters' history. Just curious!

  • I don't know code and I have no interest in staffing whatsoever, but if I can help with any brainstorming consider me interested.

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    @jealousy My short answer would be "not much". I believe in ease of character generation and minimizing insane amounts of continuity. Important bullet points are all that would really be necessary and we can always link to Comicvine for a lot of stuff.

  • I wish chargen would focus more on "how do you see this character, how would you portray them, what is their essence" than "list number of tons you can lift/press" and "do you remember issue #325 and its significance on your continuity"? I'm not sure of a practical solution for that, I just know that a lot of superhero apps end up being just 'please rephrase a wiki entry'.

  • @shaggy Mainly, show that you have a grasp on what makes the character tick. Can you nail the body language? The way the character sounds? The personality? I'll take that any day over all the rest. Get into the head of the character and now we're talking.

    I see some OCs that aren't even good at portraying little details like that, things that actually breathe life into a character, and they created it. They should know the ins and outs of that person.

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    Honestly I don't know how you escape the continuity. Even if staff doesn't quiz people on it themselves, there are going to be players who know it in and out, playing on the assumption of everything in it, etc. How do you resolve that?

    Re: Apps, I don't even know why a lot of games bother with some of the stuff they do (like making everyone re copy & paste wiki writeups). Unless you have stats, detailing out powers is BS anyway, so really the only relevant thing is just your take on the char, maybe some ideas of goals, future storylines, etc?

  • I'm interested, my only question is if we're allowed to have two lower tier alts for example, if we don't feel confident taking a more... critical character.

  • @bored said in X-Men Utopia MUX:

    Re: Apps, I don't even know why a lot of games bother with some of the stuff they do (like making everyone re copy & paste wiki writeups). Unless you have stats, detailing out powers is BS anyway, so really the only relevant thing is just your take on the char, maybe some ideas of goals, future storylines, etc?

    I think another part of it is so many of us have been RPing for so long, the idea of doing yet another full app just feels like a waste of time at this point. Most of us know the basics of who we want to be. Let us show that and get on our way to play. It's also less reading for staff, which should mean a faster turnaround on apps depending on what they want someone to show as far as knowledge goes.

  • I think this is a really good idea. I know I've mentioned this before, but I want to reiterate it just for my two cents: Anytime you make a game like this where you are winnowing down the amount of available FCs, be sure you know what you will consider success. If your goal is just to have an interesting theme and cool people to RP with, then I think you're really, really on the right track.

    It's hard for me to think of doing more than I am right now given how busy real life is, but I often look for a second game and would love to check this out when it's up. Don't know if I could be of any help, but feel free.

  • At the least, I think we could all agree we don't need an app process that's on the level of what Brave and the Bold was.

  • I wouldn't mind giving this a try. :)

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    With an FC pool that small, there's plenty of room for OC's too there. Which I think is good.

    It would help from the get go if OC's were a driving factor on the game.

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    Ok, so it's now been going on 28 hours since I got up for work yesterday. This X-Men game got me excited, however, and I wanted to get some stuff up and running. So I've got the kernel of a game in place. For anyone interested feel free to connect to xmenutopiamux.com:2017.

    I've put a notice in the OOC Lounge that reads as follows...

    X-Men: Utopia is a game just beginning construction. We have a basic DB in place and a basic character generation. The following things are live on the game currently...

    1: All basic MUX functions (we have some @chans, BBoard, +Jobs, Etc.)
    2: Basic character generation. Enter c-gen for more.
    3: +Sheet command. Type: +sheet (name)
    4: A very basic +roll command. Type: +roll (die list)
    Example: +roll 6 8 10 12
    5: A sample character. Type: +sheet juggernaut

    If you encounter anything that doesn't work please contact ZombieGenesis and let him know! Thanks! :)

    Everyone is invited to come and visit just keep in mind we are not a game right now, we're just getting on our feet. So if you just wanna come on and chat about the game or if you want to come on to help in some way you are more than welcome just remember; we're not a real game yet. But we hope to be some day.


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