The Current State of Hello!Project (The Person, Not The Japanese Idol Company)

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    (If you're looking for information on the company instead, please go here and scroll down to the latest updates:!_Project_Wiki)

    I for a brief period entirely quit MUing because I've been having possibly the most elaborate emotional breakdown of my entire life, which I am still partially in the middle of having. However, unlike usual, I didn't just fuck off to Shang or learn a new language or any of the other random shit I do when this happens, I've actually gotten a job.

    I'm working retail, and hilariously after a month I'm kind of close to getting a promotion. With the way things are going, I could be making like $12 an hour in a few months, over my current $8. Though I'm still trying to do music shit, as my intent is still to become a music producer/DJ person maybe or whatever. tl;dr Make music money somehow.

    I've also gone through my usual start stop business on tech career shit. I can never seem to maintain steam on pursuing a tech career, I always just end up wanting to spend my time learning and producing music shit, so I don't know, I guess we'll see what happens.

    Retail has been interesting. Yesterday I basically had to live through a glorified episode of Death Note, but it all worked out, kind of. I mean, if that lady continues her current behavior, pretty sure she's going to jail soon. But either way, that's fine.

    My intent is to go to Portugal for a week in January, for my birthday. But outside of that, I'm more or less saving money and trying my best to execute my plans. We'll see how far I can ride this retail train and where I can take it while I try to get my music shit off the ground. All else fails I'm still studying IT on the side when I feel motivated, even though I already know a lot of that shit already.

    Oh and I reached enlightenment for an entire day and discovered the meaning of life, and then was like fuck it I'm good.

    tl;dr: I'm still alive even though I'm in the middle of a very elaborate emotional breakdown. But at least I'm not ridiculously broke anymore.

  • Sounds like things are starting to look up for you? Hope so, anyhow. Glad to see you around. Keep us posted on how you're doing, please.


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