Current active WoD and NWoD games?

  • Pitcrew

    Seems all those Mu* aggregators are behind on the times, at least the ones I know of.
    Anyone wanna throw down a list of the current active White Wolf Mu*s for me...

    Maybe with a rating of Drama and Admin ego?

    I know of Fallcoast and City of Hope right now. I think the Kingsmouth is dead yeah?

  • Let Freedom Ring is a 20th anniversary MU run by the same folks from City of Hope, set in Philadelphia.

    Fallen World... CoD/2e nWoD game (only Mage and Werewolf presently) set in NYC.

  • Coder

    Fate’s Harvest, a Changeling and Thaum/Psychic game, nWoD’s GMC additions. (Not CoD. Because there is no Changeling for CoD).

    Staff are good natured and good hearted people. Spider plays there, but can be ignored.

  • Coder


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